Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Revisiting Coronado

Remember this place

from this post - America, the beautiful (and Kansas too) and this post - The Castle

This week is spring break for the schools around here. We aren't officially taking the break though because we took some extra time off when dh came home in December. We did take yesterday afternoon off to tag along with some friends to Coronado Heights for a picnic and some hiking adventures. It was a lot of fun - 80 degrees and a beautiful day. We came home with color on our arms from the bright sun. I always forget how fast you can burn when you've been inside all winter. I called myself Fair Skinned Frances yesterday looking at the red on my arms.

I didn't take my camera yesterday because I knew I had these photos from our trip out there in September. The view was still the same except for some areas where someone had burned off the tall grass to make way for new growth this year.

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