Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random Saturday Stuff

Too bad there isn't a bad blogger of the week award. I think I might be eligible for the first week in March since I haven't so much as thought about my blog this week. Ooops... too much other stuff on my mind.

How about a random update? Ready?
#1 - R's basketball season ended today and thus my Park & Rec coaching career. (ha... career might not be the right word ;) ) We did have fun though and our kids were good kids though on Monday nights at practice, they were wild little things. Nikki and I always accused them of dosing up on sugar before practice. She went to a parent/teacher conference for her dd at the middle school recently and a man who works for Park & Rec complimented her on our team. He'd said to me a few Saturdays before when he was ref for our game that we were doing a good job with our team, but I assumed he told everyone that. LOL Apparently not though. He told her that our team was one of the most polite and well behaved kids in their little league. Said they played well and behaved well on the court. Oh yay! We did something right! Today was case in point. A little boy on the other team was quite nasty. He was calling one of our players names and making snide remarks to him. Then a little bit later, he KICKED one of my player. What did my little guy do? Nothing in defense, just kept right on playing just the way he was supposed to. Boy, did we brag on him for his great sportsman like conduct when there was a break between quarters. (And the other little guy came over and apologized after he coach gave him the what ifs about his behavior.) All in all, it was a crazy few months, but we had a good time and the kids did too!

#2 - D finished his last game of basketball last week. That went well - just had to mention him because he's important too. ;)

#3 - They both had their Blue and Gold banquet for scouts two weeks ago. D crossed over from Webelo/Cub Scout to Boy Scout. Wow. And R moved up from Tiger to Wolf. D is with DH in Kansas City today with their troop. They went over to IBEX to use the climbing walls and such. R is supposed to go camping next weekend with his pack. Good times.

#4 - 5:45am is way too early to get up on a Saturday morning. But, I got up to see D and DH off for their day. I would have gone back to bed until time for R's basketball game, but he got up too. Ack... I'm exhausted and thinking the bed sure sounds appealing at 7:05pm. I lose an extra hour of sleep tonight don't I? Yikes........ naptime tomorrow afternoon after church will be a must!

#5 - R and I went bowling this afternoon since he's missing out on fun in KSCity. We went to pick up one of his friends and bowled. I'm so proud that I beat two seven year olds with the bumpers up. Go me, bowling queen! ROFL In my defense, I truly only hit the bumpers two or three times in two games. So, there. :-P

#6 - Oh, and when we got back to town, we went for a drive around town looking for alphabet letters. I took a few pics of some. I'll share them soon. It's really a lot harder than you'd think!

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  1. Got a good laught out of this one and your bowling experience. So when you got your turkey last week, were the bumpers up? LOL


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