Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pansies and me

This week, while I was buying mulch to refresh the flowerbeds, I picked up a few packs of pansies. I was thinking as I planted them that I'm basically like these plants. I don't like really cold weather, but I will tolerate cooler temps. I wither when it gets really hot because I don't like the intense heat. Give me spring and some sunshine and I'll be just fine. Just don't give me too much extreme anything. ;)


  1. you're so silly..but I like the purdy pitcher ;)

  2. Pansies are one of my favourites. They remind me of my grandmother...for some reason.

  3. Pretty!

    I can't keep pansies alive so don't bother buying them anymore. For some odd reason though, I have no problem with Johnny-Jump-Ups (still a pansy, just in miniature). Go figure. Perhaps they're hardier. I often have 'volunteers' around the yard and if I just ignore them they do fine. lol

    I laughed at your comment at my blog about the bottles (you shouldn't have remembered that! lol). You're so right, but I guess I had lost my artistic vision at that point. I have plans for the 'new' old bottles. lol

  4. So if I call you a pansy, I won't offend? lol

  5. LOL, Bonnie, no, you won't offend! I call myself a pansy all the time! LOL


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