Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ok, I'll tell

I've been keeping a not so secret "secret" for the past few weeks. So of you already know because I'm not the greatest secret keeper - right Bonnie? LOL But some of you may not know. News is making its way around DH's work place and yesterday afternoon, the preacher called to ask me about rumors he'd been hearing. So, that means the news is spreading through church now. I guess it's time to make it official. :)

We are moving this summer. We are moving far away this summer. We are moving to South Korea this summer!

In the meantime, I'm freaking out. I'm getting passports renewed for the boys and myself. I'm purging the house of what we no longer need or want to put in storage for X number of years. I'm working on what to pack to take with us while we're there. And I'm trying to decide what part of our stuff is going to my mother's house rather than some yucky storage facility for X number of years.

It is kind of a stressful time around our house. Lots of decisions being made. Two houses going to be on the market for sale along with a car. DH is keeping his toys and we're selling my car.

Dr. Pepper has been my friend lately. He's my calm in the storm so to speak. ;)

So, there it is. The secret is a secret no more. ;)


  1. I'm surprised you kept it in as long as you have, hehehehe. And here I was looking forward to another trip to KS and antiquing with ya :wink:

  2. (((Hugs))) Lets try to meet up before you go if you can fit it in.

  3. It's officially out in the open, yay! I do not envy the work you have in front of you.

  4. OMG Gwen! I can't beleive it! Thats a long way to move! Is this a "good thing" for your husband? A promotion? I really hope we can see each other when I come that way on April 11th. Especially now!
    I am so sad that you are moving, but excited for you all in the same breathe! Wow. I'm speechless!
    Congratulations?!?! :-)

  5. Wow!!! That is news!!! How exciting!! I guess you'll be very busy the next few months!!!


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