Monday, March 23, 2009

Must be doin' something right

(Ok, there I go with the songs again. I can't help it. Sorry!)

Today was the craziest day. DH started looking for his portfolio that has his passport and a ton of other important information in it. We searched the house over and couldn't find it. I remembered having my hands on it in the last month, but couldn't remember when or where. All I could remember was picking up this other one I got at a yard sale last year and thinking I should take it to Goodwill because I'm not using it. So, I went to where they normally sit and only the yard sale one was there. I started freaking out thinking I'd given DH's important portfolio to Goodwill. I finally admitted that to him - the possibility. And though neither of us could really conceive me actually doing something like that, we had to follow through, right? So, we called Goodwill and got the expected response. "Not sure what all has been through. We'll keep an eye out for it." Um, yeah, can trust that one. So, we drove over there just to look around and talk to someone face to face. All the while, the tension was building in the pit of my stomach because I simply couldn't imagine what could have happened to that book and what would have possessed me to put it in the Goodwill pile (confusing it with the yard sale find one.) We got to GW and no luck again, but the lady did go back and look through some things trying to help. Then she took our name and phone number in case it showed up in their stuff.

The ride home on the interstate was crazy with the winds we had today. As we were passing an eighteen wheeler, one of his tires blew out and scared the HECK out of me! Thankfully, it was on the side away from us. Still, with nerves on edge anyway, something like that was the last thing I wanted to think about.

We got home and I decided one more full sweep of the house was in order as I tried not to imagine his book sitting in some GW warehouse in Wichita with his passport and everyone's social #s in it. Completely frustrated and at wit's end, as I was standing in the storage room, I said aloud, "Dear God, please let us find it!" Then I turned and went into the cellar area - the scary dungeon room I blogged about a few weeks ago. I pilfered through some of his Army issued stuff and came up empty handed. Then I turned around and looked under those cabinets in there and guess what was lying on a box under those cabinets, just out of regular view, but showing just enough for me to recognize it. I have never grabbed anything up so fast. And as I picked it up, before yelling upstairs that I'd found it, I made sure to say, "Thank you, Lord!"

I'm not usually like that - asking God for stuff like that because sometimes I think life is full of trivial matters and the human in me thinks I can handle things myself. Today, I was proved wrong.

Now, fast forward to this evening after several waves of thunderstorms swept through our area. I took D to his scout meeting and then ran to the grocery store. As I walked out of the store, I saw a rainbow in the eastern sky. I hurried home and took R outside so he could see it. His immediate response was, "Just like Noah's ark." And my thoughts were to God's promise. Yes, in that instance it was a promise to never flood the earth again, but He also promises to always take care of his children, doesn't He? That rainbow was the perfect reminder that I needed today.

I didn't take a photo of today's, but I did pull one I had on the computer from a few years back to share with you just because we all need reminders. :)



  1. Whew you got me all teared up over here Gwennie. I like your rainbow picture.

    And as for what you said about thinking things are trivial, and you should be able to handle it and not ask God for help with something so silly. I have a hard time getting over myself with this one too. But remember Philippians 4, verse 6-- "Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." i put it on my blog b/c I need it as a reminder!

  2. Sorry to make you cry, JB. It's just one of those days. :)

    Thanks for the verse. I need to remember it more often.

  3. I'm glad it ended being a better day than it started! I'd have been stressed for sure.

    I'm also not a big fan of asking God for what I think are trivial things ... for me, it's like being a whiney child, always asking him for something ... I think it must make him weary. LOL. I much prefer to pray my gratitude, doesn't everyone like to be thanked?

  4. Gwen...when I can't find something, ANYTHING, I usually say, "okay, God, you know where it is, and when it's time to find it, you'll lead me there"...and usually, it shows up, in a place I searched 20 times before.

    God WANTS us to ask him for help. That's what He loves...interaction with us. No matter how big or how small...but we always should remember to PRAISE Him you did with your rainbow!


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