Monday, March 9, 2009

ewwww, that smell!

I bet you're glad you can't smell that smell. LOL

My sister always gets mad at me because I turn everything into a song. I think she's just jealous. My BFF from way back when (fifth grade actually) and I are both like that about songs and circumstances. I guess it could get rather annoying if you were on the receiving end of it. But from our end, we consider ourselves clever and creative. It's all about thinking positive you know. ;)

Anyway, the smell from today was my oven in self cleaning mode. Man does that stink! But it's all worth it after wiping away that little pile of ashes and having a nice sparkly clean oven. I'm not sure if it's part of spring cleaning or just the fact I was tired of looking at that gunk in my oven. I'm not really a spring cleaner though I have noticed some things around here lately that could use a fresh look for spring. Once you start though, it's a neverending process - just like laundry.

What about you? Are you a song with everything person? Are you a spring cleaner?

Comment! I know you're reading. ;)


  1. LOL Yes I'm reading. ;) We reallllllly have to clean our oven but keep putting it off. The next cold day and it will get done!!

  2. KNOW I'm a song person! Everything gets turned into a song with me, much to the entertainment of my husband! I'm not much of a spring cleaner. I wish I were but I don't have the time (or motivation, knowing I'll leave this house soon).

  3. yes.. I am a song person! sometimes its just down right WRONG! LOL.

    Also.. did you know that if you put your pizza stone in the oven, as it is self cleaning, it will clean the pizza stone too? Well, it does, because we accidently did that, and our pizza stone looked brand new!

  4. I absolutely hate that smell of the self-cleaning oven!

    Not really a 'song with everything' person here...but

    Btw, you had asked me about that picture..Nothing over it, I just played with it in PhotoShop.


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