Sunday, February 15, 2009

New look

Well, I've changed my blog look once again. I ran across a link to some freebie blog banners that you could download and decided to try it to personalize this place a bit more. I like it for now - until I get the whim to change it again. I err toward the simple side, so though this is pretty, it may end up being too much for me. LOL

How did your weekend go? Did you do anything romantic or exciting? Ours was spent ripping the yucky carpet out of the basement and putting new carpet down. Tomorrow will be spent putting molding around the bottom of the walls and all the furniture back in place. What a romantic way to spend Valentine's weekend, huh?

I did get some goodies for V-Day. I'll share pics of those tomorrow if I remember to take some! :D


  1. I get tired of my look too, and seem to change it fairly often. Yours looks very nice!

  2. Your blog looks nice.

    I don't change mine often at all, though it has taken me a while to find a 'look', and I'm still not 100% with it. On my art blog I prefer solid black because it shows off the artwork better I think.

    Btw, you had asked me what we bought at the bakery....

    Believe it or not, nothing in the case. We only bought three croissants. lol

    We did nothing exciting for Valentine's Day. We can't afford much right now so just spent a quiet evening at home.


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