Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'd like to speak to that groundhog

The past few days our weather has been glorious! Yesterday, it was 70 degrees and beautifully sunny outside. Wow! Did the groundhog get it wrong and spring is coming early?

Nope, because the KS winds and cooler temps are back with a furry today. It's 39 degrees at almost 3pm. We got out and ran a few errands. Then, D wanted to play basketball in the driveway. I was out there with him because I was waiting on the trash man. Being the good citizen I am, (ha - don't laugh, I'll do it for you - haha) I decided with the curbside full of trash we had, he would probably appreciate a little help getting it into the truck. Or at least I thought with my helping him, he wouldn't curse us too much as he drove away. :D Anyway, the fifteen minutes spent out there with D playing basketball waiting on the trash truck turned my hands a BRIGHT shade of red frozen appendages. They are finally beginning to thaw and the blood is returning to them as I type.

So, I guess since I'm looking at the calendar and it's mid-February, spring isn't here and it really isn't anywhere near. I'll just daydream about warmer temps and more interesting places to be. Like Destin, FL where we always hung out with our boat. Some days I miss that boat, just not the amount of money it took to fill those two hundred gallon diesel tanks for fun weekend outtings. ;) We never did change her name from Brenda Lee to our own personalized name. Hurricane Ivan took that name right under the bay with her when he blew through. :(

And I miss Crab Island too. Nothing is more beautiful than those emerald green waters sparkling in the sun.

I think I need a beach vacation. ;)


  1. Purdy pitchers ;) That ol' Ivan was a real SOB...(i'm bad)

    I hadn't even gotten the google reader update (yet) that you'd posted anything new...I only knew from the comment you left me!

  2. Our weather has been all over the place...50s one day, 70s the next. That's typical of TX though.

  3. That was a cool boat, so sad that Ivan took her. I have fond memories of that day we went out and found the dolphins. I too am dreaming of warmer weather ... we hit 50 today and I was so excited! LOL

  4. Wow! Cool boat! I would love to do something like that. I'd just love to visit Destin, Fl, in fact! Warm Weather..hurry!!! :)


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