Monday, February 16, 2009

Flowers from my Sweetie

I've always had this weird thing about receiving flowers. I think it stems back to high school when the guy I was dating ALWAYS gave me flowers. I never appreciated them because well, after five years of dating him and finally discovering what a jerk he was, I guess I was rather burned on the flower receiving department. I often wondered what he was trying to cover up by smoothering me with flowers all the time. Who knows, but I've heard from other sources that apparently he was covering up a lot.

Anyway, how'd I get on THAT topic? I digress....

DH has never been much of one to dote over me with flowers. And I suppose knowing my history of flower receiving, I was always kind of glad. LOL Now, it's not that I've never received bouquets of flowers from him, just not that often. He always said a single rose could say just as much as a dozen. We had a long distance relationship before we finally tied the knot on marriage. He had this tradition of meeting me at the airport or his apartment when he lived within driving distance with a single rose. Full fledged bouquets of flowers just haven't been our thing in the past. Well, apparently, we are both changing our minds in that department. Though I still have a thing about bouquets of roses. Hmmmph... I do love fresh bouquets of a variety of flowers, something more eye appealing and not just all roses.

Last week, DH declared he was buying me flowers for Valentine's Day. Um, ok, thanks for the surprise! I'll just act surprised when you bring them in the door. ;) hehe... I told him he didn't have to do that and he said, "Well, I want to buy your flowers." Ah, maybe he's getting sentimental afterall. :) I did tell him not to buy a bouquet of roses, but to surprise me with something different.

Friday afternoon, this is what he held as he walked in the door. Notice that one single rose in there. For good measure? Or for sentimental reasons? I think that does stem back to when we were dating. Or maybe it's just what it is, a sign of love. :)



  1. Good job Gary! :) I like your bouquet. I have similar experience as you--high school boyf got me flowers ALL the time. Hubby gets them much less rarely, but when he does, I surely appreciate them :)

  2. So pretty! I never can get flowers too often ;)

  3. They are lovely!!! :) Leah


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