Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Maybe it's the fact that I am a May baby and have that emerald birthstone. Or maybe it's that my school colors were green and gold. I'm not sure I've always loved most things green. When I discovered Jadite dishes and antique glassware, my destiny of attraction to green led me to fall is want of Jadite. Now, while I am a frugal person, I mostly just look at the pretty antique store display because I really just can't see spending $25 on an antique plate that I would be afraid to use for fear of breaking and not being able to replace it. LOL But, that doesn't leave out the thrift shops and yard sales or even the estate sales that my mil frequents. So, along with my thrifting and her thrifting, I've come to accumulate quite a few pieces of this antique glassware in the past six months. It's taking over my china hutch and needs a place of its own. There's just not room in this house for that sort of thing. My next house, maybe. ;)

For Christmas, mil gave me a box full of Jadite goodness. This salt and pepper shaker set was in the box. I've never seen anything like them before, so I don't know what namebrand they are or their age or whether they are reproductions or what. But I do know they are unique and they are GREEN, so therefore, I love them! DS2 says they look like snowmen and I agree. What do you think? Aren't they pretty?


ETA: I just did a few searches and found that they are Mosser Glassware. They aren't old, just the pretty.


  1. Those are gorgeous.

    It's funny, this is the third blog entry about Jadite that I've read in the past three days. lol

    My mom had the 'D' handled coffee mugs when I was a kid. Those are the only pieces I remember, though there could have been more. The mugs were in every day use. They were simply mugs back then, not collectible like they are now.

    I've come across pieces from time to time at antique stores and on eBay, but they're too expensive. I never considered looking at an estate sale.

  2. Very pretty! Green is my favorite color.


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