Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Go-Be

How does one celebrate coming home safely from spending fifteen months in Iraq? How does one celebrate marking nineteen years of military service off on a calendar? How does one celebrate turning thirty nine years old? How does one spend a few weeks of block leave upon returning home from aforementioned deployment?


He grows a "go-be". At least that's what Reed called it when dh first started letting the stubble go a few weeks ago. He asked me one night as I was tucking him into bed, "Mom, why is Daddy growing that 'go-be' on his face?" My response at the time was, "I don't know, but it'll be gone when he goes back to work in January." LOL And it will. At first, I was ready for it to be gone. But now, it's sort of grown on me (and him too!) so I may just miss it.


  1. Go-be, hehe, thats really cute! My first thought was, huh, they can't have go-bes! His go-be seems darker than his hair?

  2. LOL - not a big fan of the go-be look on most men, prefer a full beard ;) But I can understand his desire for one, since he job doesn't allow facial hair (or can they still have the 'stache?).

    It really makes him look different!


    Mark wears his beard/moustache like that, but I know that style as the VanDyke.

    He got tired of the full beard/moustache, but without it he looks too young. lol

    I like it on Gary, but it does make him look different.


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