Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barney's Purple Bear


As I was reading (and relating) to GA's post about Cissy, the beast, my mind kept wondering to the stuffed bear, Purple Bear, that never stays in his place in the dog bed. I always step on him somewhere in the house because Barney is quite like my two human boys - he doesn't put things back where he finds them when he's finished playing. He LOVES Purple Bear. And Purple Bear has been around for quite some time. R got him at the fair in a balloon dart game two years ago. He immediately brought him home and introduced him to Barney. As soon as Barney saw him, it was like love at first sight. Sam has always played with larger toys with squeakers. Barney never has. I don't think he likes the noise of the squeaker. But Purple Bear.... Purple Bear was a hit!

Yesterday, as I was stepping over Purple Bear yet again in the dining room, I noticed a bit of stuffing lying in another spot on the floor. Uhoh... Barney seems to have discovered he likes the taste of stuffing. :\ Purple Bear may not be around much longer if this keeps up.


  1. O goodness, Sweetie has torn up more stuffed animals than I even knew we had. I guess it is a dog thing? haha

  2. hehehe, poor Purple Bear. This looks like what happens to a lot of Miss Lilly's toys. She likes to rip 'em to shreds :p

  3. Poor Purple Bear! Maggie likes stuffed toys with squeakers as well, but doesn't intentionally tear them apart. But when it happens, it's like finding buried treasure - she loves to pull all the stuffing out! LOL

  4. Aw, he's missing his eye! And he's bleeding stuffing! hahaha

    We went to the thrift store tonight and got another bag of toys. It's much cheaper than buying "dog toys" at Petsmart. Bag of thrift store toys (about 5 stuffed animals) is about $1. Petsmart toy: $8-$10/each. Cissy had all 5 toys destroyed within the hour! Oy!

  5. He looks very well loved, much like Turbo's first catnip mouse.


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