Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not on the flight roster

Today was a beautiful day here. As luck would have it, we only had one basketball game to attend and it was early this morning. So, that left the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. We just took advantage of it by hanging out, driving the Jeep around town and then playing outside. Later this afternoon, dh decided he wanted to get the Volkswagen out of the garage and take it for a drive. I absolutely love riding in that truck. It's sooo funny to watch the expressions on people's faces as we pass by them. Some people laugh or smile and some just stare. You can almost read their minds and hear them saying, "What the heck is that thing?" or "I haven't seen one of those in years."

We went to the park and let the boys play. I'd taken my camera because this morning while riding in the Jeep, I missed all sorts of cool photo ops. I grabbed a few in the V-Dub. Dh says this one is no good because of the sun. I'm not sure. Sun flare is a popular thing these days, but there's a fine line between good sun flare and bad sun flare. I'm thinking this photo is on the bad side of the line. There were others which were worse, but for those of you who haven't seen the V-Dub, I decided to share this one anyway.

The first photo in this post is dh's keychain for the V-Dub. As we were leaving the park, some guy walked up to the truck and started asking about it. It's the inevitable conversation we always have when we're out in this truck. So, while DH was talking to him, I was playing in the cab with my camera. I looked over at the keychain and was once again struck by how comical the "Remove Before Flight" canvas tag really is in this truck. There's not much chance of this little putter ever "flying" at any high speeds though it will do its best to keep up with the newer and bigger dogs on the porch. ;) The keychain tag is just a result of having a pilot in the driver's seat.

Friday, January 30, 2009


For the past few years, I've not been the biggest fan of hot cocoa. Maybe that's because I was relying on Swiss Miss to make me happy and warm on cold nights. One day a few months ago, I was cruising the aisles of Target and found Archer Farms hot cocoa mix. it's pure goodness! The plain milk chocolate type is good, but the French Vanilla is even better! I'm back to being comforted by a nice hot mug of cocoa. Life is good. :D

Monday, January 26, 2009

All dressed up

and someplace to go.

We attended the Aviation Formal on Saturday night. It was nice to get out for the evening and have a little fun and grown up time.

We took the old point and shoot camera with us so we could snap a few photos along the way.

I always make fun of dh for poking his chin out so much when he poses for a photo. I think I should stop and start taking lessons so that I could hide my double chin! LOL Oh well, it's never to late to start, right? Maybe next time. ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Digging for Dinosaurs

R and I have been working our way through a unit study of dinosaurs. So far, we've had fun studying and learning various things. We have a great book that talks about dinosaurs from a Biblical point of view. It's been interesting learning that the ark Noah built was actually large enough to house dinosaurs. We read that this is true because dinosaurs aren't actually as big as they are often portrayed in other books and movies. Very interesting. :)

Every day he has asked me if it's time to "mine for dinosaurs" and everyday this week (and last) I've told him not yet. Today, I finally gave in and let him dig into his dinosaur egg. It was only after he got started that I remembered I should have taken a photo of the beginning piece. It was a sandy egg that he was to chip away at until he unveiled the dino skeleton inside. A fossil excavation.



We couldn't leave D out of the fun and distraction from paper and pencil work, so he had his own fossil to excavate as well.

They don't always go about things the normal way. The chipping away of the sand with the wooden hammer and chisel just wasn't fast enough. So, in came the butter knives. No fingers or dinosaurs were harmed in this process. ;)


R's excavating resulted in the find of pieces he put together to form a Pterodactylus.

And D's formed a Ornithomimus.

*Notice he resurrected the explorer hat for the occasion? LOL He's so funny!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Maybe it's the fact that I am a May baby and have that emerald birthstone. Or maybe it's that my school colors were green and gold. I'm not sure I've always loved most things green. When I discovered Jadite dishes and antique glassware, my destiny of attraction to green led me to fall is want of Jadite. Now, while I am a frugal person, I mostly just look at the pretty antique store display because I really just can't see spending $25 on an antique plate that I would be afraid to use for fear of breaking and not being able to replace it. LOL But, that doesn't leave out the thrift shops and yard sales or even the estate sales that my mil frequents. So, along with my thrifting and her thrifting, I've come to accumulate quite a few pieces of this antique glassware in the past six months. It's taking over my china hutch and needs a place of its own. There's just not room in this house for that sort of thing. My next house, maybe. ;)

For Christmas, mil gave me a box full of Jadite goodness. This salt and pepper shaker set was in the box. I've never seen anything like them before, so I don't know what namebrand they are or their age or whether they are reproductions or what. But I do know they are unique and they are GREEN, so therefore, I love them! DS2 says they look like snowmen and I agree. What do you think? Aren't they pretty?


ETA: I just did a few searches and found that they are Mosser Glassware. They aren't old, just the pretty.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barney's Purple Bear


As I was reading (and relating) to GA's post about Cissy, the beast, my mind kept wondering to the stuffed bear, Purple Bear, that never stays in his place in the dog bed. I always step on him somewhere in the house because Barney is quite like my two human boys - he doesn't put things back where he finds them when he's finished playing. He LOVES Purple Bear. And Purple Bear has been around for quite some time. R got him at the fair in a balloon dart game two years ago. He immediately brought him home and introduced him to Barney. As soon as Barney saw him, it was like love at first sight. Sam has always played with larger toys with squeakers. Barney never has. I don't think he likes the noise of the squeaker. But Purple Bear.... Purple Bear was a hit!

Yesterday, as I was stepping over Purple Bear yet again in the dining room, I noticed a bit of stuffing lying in another spot on the floor. Uhoh... Barney seems to have discovered he likes the taste of stuffing. :\ Purple Bear may not be around much longer if this keeps up.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Isn't it weird

Sometime last month, we were travelling on the interstate to the big city. We passed this eighteen wheeler which had the name "Tuckett Truck Lines" on it. I turned to dh and asked him if he remembered a girl from our school by the name of T. Puckett. At first, he didn't remember her, but the more I talked about her, a memory emerged. She was one of the smartest people in our class, but life happened and at some point, she dropped out of school right before we reached high school. I'd forgotten all about her, but something about that truck jogged my memory. We weren't close friends or anything like that, but we grew up together. Our class only had about forty/fifty people in it. We went to a small school, so everybody knew everybody.

Fast forward to the week that we travelled "home" after Christmas. DH and I took a night off for ourselves. We left one child with my parents and one with his parents and said don't worry about us, we'll be back tomorrow. We went to a local restaurant to enjoy a nice dinner. When we went in and left our name with the hostess, we were told the wait would be at least thirty minutes. We decided to just sit down at the bar while we waited on our table. As soon as we sat down, dh leaned over to me and asked, "Isn't that girl at the corner of the bar the same one we were just talking about a few weeks ago?" I turned my head to look and there she was!

What are the odds of that happening? It truly had not seen, heard or even thought of her since high school, yet there she was. So weird. She got up and left at some point, but I could tell she was coming back, so I waited for her. As she walked back by, I called out her name and she turned to me, called me by my full name (not the shortened one I've gone by all my life, but my full name) and hugged me! We sat there talking for a few minutes, catching up on the who's and what's of the last twenty five years and comparing photos of our children. And, then the reunion was over as our buzzer light up letting us know our table was ready.

That whole incident left me humming the Bon Jovi song, "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" LOL Have you ever had anything like that happen to you?

Saturday, January 10, 2009


So, I finally ventured into the room in the basement that houses my stuff. Actually I walked in there the other day to add something to the mania. When I was in there, I caught myself looking around at the neglected desk and items around the desk (and ON it). It was then that I decided it was time for me to scrap something! So, I picked up a neglected and unfinished layout from either December or November and pondered whether it was finished or complete. It was missing something, so I set to work finding its missing pieces.

Then I went to work scrapping the photos from the tree farm. I wasn't happy with the fact that two of these photos weren't crisp sharp, but they needed to be scrapped nevertheless because the memories need to be recorded, right? I even pulled out some really old supplies - microbeads! - for use on the layout!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Go-Be

How does one celebrate coming home safely from spending fifteen months in Iraq? How does one celebrate marking nineteen years of military service off on a calendar? How does one celebrate turning thirty nine years old? How does one spend a few weeks of block leave upon returning home from aforementioned deployment?


He grows a "go-be". At least that's what Reed called it when dh first started letting the stubble go a few weeks ago. He asked me one night as I was tucking him into bed, "Mom, why is Daddy growing that 'go-be' on his face?" My response at the time was, "I don't know, but it'll be gone when he goes back to work in January." LOL And it will. At first, I was ready for it to be gone. But now, it's sort of grown on me (and him too!) so I may just miss it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

2008's Gingerbread House

I meant to post photos of the house a week or so ago, but time slipped away from me.

Reed is my gingerbread house enthusiast. He started asking in October when they first appeared on the shelves if we could buy one. I held him off until after Thanksgiving though. On the way home from the Great Wolf Lodge, I bought a kit at Michael's and we sat up that evening putting all the touches on the house.

I realized looking at the photos on the camera that I never got a photo of the final project. But it didn't look much different than this - just more candies and icing as snow on the cardboard ground around the house.

Since we were leaving for out of town the day after Christmas, I told the boys they could eat the house or at least attempt it on Christmas Day. They had a lot of fun cutting into the house and choosing who got to eat what part of it.