Saturday, November 8, 2008

Osage Oranges and other stuff


Ever have one of those situations that just make you go "hmmmmm"? I have those quite often. Wasn't that a song from the eighties?

Today, we went out to a little nearby town and joined D. along with his Webelos pack who were camping out for the weekend with the boy scout troop. I had my camera and found a few "things" to photograph while we were out there. It was great just walking around in the woods, climbing some rocks that were once a part of the rock quarry and just hanging out. (It was COLD though and the wind had yet to die down from blowing all week. :/ )

These "horse apples" caught my eye as they were lying in their cluster on the ground. One of them had a hole in the top which made me question, "Do horses really eat those things?" and "What is the real name of those trees and their fruits?" So, of course, when I got home, I googled "horse apple" to find that they are actually Osage-oranges Ok. Now, I know. I won't use that tidbit of information other than possibly take one, cut it in half and see if it really works to keep spiders out of your house (heard that somewhere once...)

The thing that made me go "hmmmm" was tonight when R and I were reading in a book we got from the library this week. It is a Native American alphabet book. I turned to O's page and can you guess what was there? "O is for Osage-orange." How bizarre is that? Now, we know even more than we ever cared to know about Osage oranges, aka, horse apples.

Oh, and just another photo I snapped of some wildflowers out there. Not sure what these were before their leaves fell and left only the berries. I thought they looked really cool with the number of them in this particular area.


  1. I didn't know horse apples were real, I always thought it was a euphemism for horse poo. LOL Obviously not something that grows in my neck of the world.

  2. Why, that's like comparing apples to oranges ;) haha Very interesting. Lovely pics, as usual!


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