Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Monday flew passed me. Heck, the entire month of September flew passed me if I'm going to be completely honest. I'm still dealing with those lovely apples. I decided today that I'm going to wash and core the rest of them, then throw them into freezer bags and call it done thus reclaiming my laundry room space. The room does smell nice though - all appley and such. ;)

I was going back through my CO pics and found my two favorites. I keep going back to these and just staring at them. Do you think that means I should actually print them out and do something with them? lol Maybe so...

This is along the Arkansas River headwaters. Very cool scenic highway!

And this was a random cactus on a trail we followed. Something drew me to it and I love the photo. There's just something about it that keeps drawing me back to look again.


We're in a cleaning mode this week. The boys' closets are top on my list. Ack... that is such a chore because I'm not always good at eyeing what they can still wear, so I have to convince them to do a fashion show (don't dare call it that though - they are boys for goodness sake!) and try everything on just in case.

The weather is good in my part of the world this week! Fall seems to have arrived! I got up this morning and opened all the windows letting the fresh air in the house before we are all shut up for winter. I am not really looking forward to winter. I really would be happy with year round 70 degree temps. :D


  1. I love when I am in the cleaning "mode"...doesn't happen much but I love it when it does! Yes, having the windows open is so nice but soon the cold air will be coming!
    -Sandy Toes

  2. That first picture could be a postcard! Awesome!! While you're in a cleaning mood, head on over to my parts. I've got a garage and a closet that could use a good once-twice-thrice over ;)

  3. Beautiful pics, Gwen. The first reminds me of some I got of the Colorado river during our trip this summer. There are so many pics that I want to do "something" with, yet the sit.

    Janie's about to do a fashion show, too... oops a clothing fit verification session. :)


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