Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spooky or Healthy


You decide. Would a pun be appropriate here? No bones about it, apples are healthy! (Ok, that was only mildly cheesy, right?)

I have been trying to get into some fall / holiday spirit and that includes decorating.

- The boys chose some large pumpkins from the grocery store today. They are ready to carve them, but I'll have to remind them of the need to wait. Pioneer Woman's roasted pumpkin seeds really have me wanting to delve into the pumpkins though. I'll wait. Impatiently.
- I have a thrift shop find tiered basket decorated as my table centerpiece. I will take a photo and share.
- There are more bones and skulls in the cookie jar sitting on my kitchen cabinet.
- I bought some fresh daisies or maybe they are mums??? and put them in a plastic pumpkin on another side of the kitchen.
- The fall wreath is on the front door. And my fall banner is on the back door.
- I keep meaning to buy some mums, but haven't yet. I don't want to plant them later and feel weird just buying them to throw away later. Do you plant yours or toss them at the end of the season?
- Oh and I pulled out my fake jack-o-lanterns which we've been lighting for a spooky glow.

I sometimes wish I had more Halloween / fall decorations because I think it's such a neat time of the year to decorate - almost as fun as Christmas! But, buying more will wait until we move back to our larger house.

What if anything have you done to decorate for the season?


  1. Very cute! I have some skeleton parts around too! I love them!

    I also have a halloween tree with decorations. You know how I am with c-mas trees, so why would halloween be any different?! ;)

    Right now my mums are in a planter. I'm not sure what I'll do with them later. I thought they were annuals. My neighbor was shocked when hers came back this year.

  2. I am an undecorator. My bah humbug reaches out to every holiday, unfortunately. Luckily my kids did not inherit this ;)

    I love your bones in your apples!!!

  3. I love the skeleton parts, too.

    I haven't done a thing yet. (boo-hiss)

    I have some fake fall type potted flowers that I'm going to set on the steps to our front door. I'm going to cut down our (now dried) corn stalks and place them somewhere. I also have a mostly discombobulated Michael's scarecrow (named William) that I'll piece back together and put on the porch. That's it for now, I need to dig to see what I'm forgetting.

  4. Gwen, I have an award for you, come "pick it up" when you get a chance!

  5. I love the 'bones' in the fruit bowl. lol

    I've just started to decorate. I've got a few Halloween things. Dh and I really miss living where trick-or-treaters come by. lol The fall decorations I'm putting up (pumpkins and such) will stay up through Thanksgiving. It is a fun time of year and one of my favorites for decorating.

    I only bought three mums this year, which are in a planter by the front door. I stopped by the local nursery this afternoon and they're only carrying gallon sized pots for $6. I just want 4" pots, but they seem hard to come by. The three plants I have will probably be it.

  6. LOL about the bones....I love puns myself!

    Going to try roasted pumpkin seeds too *adds to my ever growing list of things to do...err...procrastinate about...LOL!

  7. "Hardy" mums will come back year after year, so go ahead and plant them. Each year they get bigger and bigger. They start growing in the spring and try to bud during the summer. Just pull the buds off ( i know thats mean) until early fall and then you'll have beautiful color during the fall. My sons birthday is on Halloween and we usually decorate BIG TIME! I love this time of year.


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