Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We've lived in this house for two years. We've had this phone number for two years and a month because I got it hooked up before ever moving into the state. Yet, every week, we get numerous calls for Linda. Linda must have a lot of health issues, or insurance claims, or bills, or unpaid debts or SOMETHING because it's never any "personal" people that call her. Most of the people sound like they don't believe me when I tell them they have the wrong phone number. The other day, I got a little too excited when I informed the woman that Linda wasn't here, hasn't been here, apparently had this phone number before, but I've had it for two years and I don't even know Linda! There was a moment of silence on the other end and then a very earnest apology from the caller.

Tonight, when we got home, there was a message from Walmart pharmacy to Linda M---- Ahhhh.... now I have her last name. A quick switchboard.com search led me to two Linda Ms in this town and I think I may just call them tomorrow to see if one had previously had this number. Then I'll ever so politely tell her she needs to make sure she changes her point of contact information everywhere she's done business because I'm tired of averting her calls for her! How do you think she'd like that? Probably about as much as I like having to tell people several times a week that Linda is not here!


  1. Maybe Linda skipped town with a lot of debt. LOL

  2. Maybe you should just give out those numbers when people call, lol

    Our home phone number (which we have had for almost 30 years now) is one digit off from a local business fax number. I get so irritated answering the phone and hearing a fax tone, so I understand your annoyance with these calls for Linda!

  3. I remember when we put our first house up for sale and another Mark W. had bad credit and the creditors started hounding us. That was pretty scary. They would not believe we weren't that W.

    Now we get calls for the tennis center. That one is a case of people dialing incorrectly. Our home phone is one digit off from the center.

    Recently I've been getting wrong #'s on my cell from a guy who doesn't believe me when I tell him he's got the wrong number. He has my number, and said that was the one he was given for this person. I told him that was too bad because it was the wrong one. lol He's still leaving voice and text msgs.

    I so understand how you feel. Believe me.


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