Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Gari-Ann - to answer your question about photos of the finished projects, well, I didn't take them yesterday! We had to jet out on an errand to the pharmacy, run back home to eat, then go to a scout meeting. So, I was rushed by the time we did finish carving.

So, that makes for a post for today. :D

R chose a mask type carving from our files for his pumpkin. It's rather strange, but looks kinda cool lit up with the candle inside. And D chose a spider.


The roasted pumpkin seeds turned out well. I should have put more salt on them instead of garlic salt. Hey, it's the first thing I grabbed when I opened the spice cabinet. ;)


  1. Hee... I though R's was a fall leaf arrangement. Don't tell him I said that. LOL! They both look awesome.

    We have a 42lb pumpkin in our family room waiting for us to have our way with it. Hopefully we will this wknd.

  2. \wow! those are pretty cool, Gwen!

  3. Those are fantastic! I love them both, but really think the mask in cool!

  4. Shannon needs glasses - looks like a mask to me! They both did a great job, I missed out on the family carving last weekend. Not sure if I'll carve one or not, but I do love the toasted seeds.


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