Saturday, October 18, 2008

Interstate driving

You know that old saying that you're safer in a plane than you are in a car? Don't people use that to convince those afraid of flying that flying is safe? Well, after what I saw today, I'm not sure which if either is true or not.

First let me say that all sorts of weird things happened on our way to the hayride. We were supposed to meet my friend to follow her at 2:30, but I got delayed before I ever left town. I started to the recycling place and the road was closed to due some accident. We took a detour. Then, the lady in the car in front of me at the recycling place had locked her keys in her car and was obstructing the drive. We managed to squeeze between her and the recycle bins. Then, we were on our way to Walmart to pick up batteries for flashlights for exploring the caves during the hayride. I turned off my main interstate onto the one heading south to go to Walmart and was almost immediately stuck in bottle necked traffic. What the heck? So, obviously, there was an accident. I wasn't sure what type, but the traffic was still flowing, just slowly. Then we got to the accident sight and there was a PLANE sitting in the middle of the south bound lane of the interstate. I was on the phone with a friend and I think my exact words were, "Crap! There's a plane in the middle of the road!" And yes, she asked me to repeat myself. ROFL When I finally got to Megan's house 15 minutes late, she said she's heard all sorts of excuses for my tardiness before but the plane in the middle of the road pretty much wins the top spot.

Well, here's my proof - a photo taken from the news website. :)

It really makes me wonder if this weird day has anything to do with the deceased black cat that was in the street in front of my house this morning. We came home tonight and someone had lovingly taken it off the street and put it in the grass at the corned of my yard. *rolleyes*

I think I've had just about as much excitement as I can handle for one day. ;) Well, at least enough weirdness.


  1. hey girl
    don't you think the Lord was taking good care of you by "delaying" you a bit, otherwise that plane might have landed on your car? something to think about!
    I hope you enjoyed your hay ride!
    sounds fun and exciting.

  2. I am sure He probably was. And I thank Him for that!

  3. What were the circumstances around the plane in road?

    I think I'm going to go with boom da boom's theory.

    Hay rack ride pics?

  4. WOW. I so agree with Boom da boom! Glad ya'll are ok!

    Oh and we say hay ride.

  5. Pilot error I believe. He was on his way back to KS City from somewhere and was switching from one gas tank to the next. He didn't do it fast enough and his engine stalled and he had to make the emergency landing.

    Kim, I agree. God was looking out for us. :)

    No hayride pics, because I didn't take my camera. I know, I'm so bad. A man from church did hand his camera over to me and told me to take some photos of my kids with it and he'd send them to me, so I did. I also took it in the cave that Dena and I crawled into and we took photos of each other in the cave. LOL Maybe he'll get them to me sometime soon. :)

  6. Poor kitty. :-(

    We've had small planes do emergency landings on our interstate before, but I've never seen it up close and personal, only on the news.

    Hope you had fun once you got to your destination.

  7. Craziness! I do think God was taking care of you!


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