Friday, October 17, 2008

Hayride or Hay Rack Ride

What do you call it?

We're going to a "Hay Rack Ride" tomorrow night. Growing up in the south, we never called a hayride a "hay rack ride", it was always a hayride. In fact, until we moved here, I had never even heard the term hay rack. But I "think" a hay rack is the flat bed trailer or maybe just one made specifically for hauling hay, huh? Hay isn't such a major crop in the south, so maybe that's why our "hayrides" have always been on the back of a "trailer". Anyway, it's just one more thing that I've learned about the differences in dialect and language here in the midwest. And now you know. ;)


  1. I have never heard of a hay rack ride. That's just crazy. Everyone knows it's a hayride. Hayride just flows off the tongue and lips. Hay rack ride does not. What is wrong with the people in Kansas?! ;)

  2. Hayride here too .. and it's on the back of a flatbed truck usually pulled by a tractor. I agree, those Kansas people are odd ;) lol

  3. Never heard of a hay rack ride. We call them Hayrides!


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