Friday, October 10, 2008

An award? For lil ole me?

Thanks GA for honoring me with an award. :)

The blog award rules:
1. List 6 things about yourself (maybe I can come up with 6 "good" things at nearly 1am when I should be in bed) and
2. Pass this award on to 6 other bloggers

Six things about Gwen:
1. I do not take compliments well. When someone compliments me, I always, always, always roll my eyes at them or phhbbtttt them or come up with some crazy remark that degrades myself. I really should work on accepting a compliment. It's not like they come around every day, so I should revel in them when they do come!
2. I'm a procrastinator - always have been. I am going to change and be better about that - someday - maybe I'll start tomorrow - or next week.
3. I'm a Christian though you already know that if you read the little about me blurb next to and under my photo. I hope and pray that I'm raising my children to the best of God's plan for them and me.
4. I'm conservative and am a bit of a goodie two shoes.
5. I've been to two countries aside from the US of A. One was Mexico - crossing the border from TX years ago. (Hey, that counts!) The other was South Korea. That definitely counts with the thirteen hour plane ride - just me and two kiddos under the age of 5.
6. I'm a dabbler. I guess you could compare me to the guy who's a jack of all trades, but a master of none. ;) I like to try new and different things and am always up for a challenge. Case in point today is my twisting and turning of yarn on a Nifty Nitter loom. Ha... $12 well spent I suppose because Reed and I have been having fun with it! I'll share pics later of what we've created. Two of them are still works in progress.

Now, I'll tag:
1. Jill
2. Carole
3. Shannon M
4. Teresa
5. Erin
6. Shannon L


  1. little ole me? hee...

    i'll try to post tomorrow

  2. Uh oh...I'm just now seeing this. Thank you Gwen!

    I guess I need to put my thinking cap on now. lol


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