Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another night at the museum

I need a tshirt that says, "I survived the night at the museum!" LOL The boys and I went with their scout troop to the local museum for a visit to Southeast Asia. It was a lot of fun. We did the same thing last year studying Australia.

Last year, we took an air mattress and slept in the lobby of the museum which was ok. This year, I decided to be a true scout mom and pitch a tent outside. Our tent is small, so I borrowed a larger one from a friend and set out for my first night ever in a tent. (I prefer hotels with a/c or even our campers which had a/c, elecricity at the flip of a switch and more protection from "the elements". lol)

The zoo experience was fun. We watched a movie on the Autumn Sky informing us of the constellations we are able to see in the sky at this time of year. We went on to a flashlight tour of the museum displays. From there, we had craft and snack time. We painted dragon masks and ate moon pies. Then we took a late night/midnight stroll through the museum to see the nocturnal animals. We got back to museum at midnight and the employees had popcorn and a movie (Mulan) waiting for us. I informed the boys we were NOT staying to watch the entire movie - I wanted sleep. Well, we should have stayed to watch the movie because sleep was elusive last night. The Kansas wind was blowing like mad. I'm sure it was 15-20 MPH with gusts even stronger. The boys went right to sleep when we climbed in the tent at 1 am. I, on the other hand, could not sleep with that canvas flapping like mad and with thoughts of blowing north to Nebraska floating around in my head. I looked at my watch at 2 something, then again at 3 something and then I looked up and saw a figure leaning above me. Scared the hibbie jibbies out of me until I realized it was DS1 needing to go to the restroom. LOL Finally, after 4am I fell asleep, but was awoken at 7am by voices of other people up taking down their tents. I knew I had to get that done, so got up and got busy.

We went in for breakfast, then down to the petting zoo to feed the animals.

Then we left. A quick stop at a friend's house for a shower and change of clothes allowed us to make it to church by 9:30. I don't remember much that was said during the sermon - I just "might" have dozed off a few times. "Might".

From there, we went to Target to pick up a few things and then made our way home. I went straight to the recliner where I parked myself for a nice long three hour nap.

Last night was the first and quite possibly last night I have ever "slept" in a tent. I survived and that's all that matters! LOL


  1. I'm not much for tents either. I hate feeling wet and greasy the next morning. I'm much more of a fan of cabins...or better yet, a hotel. :)

    Sounds like a fun trip though.

  2. LOL@ the tent sleeping, although I'm sure you are not laughing since you didn't get to sleep.

    Sounds like a super fun even though! :)

  3. I think those museum excursions sound fun! I used to be a tent girl, but these days I'd love to have a camper. If we had an air mattress and a larger tent I might not mind, but the type we have, crawl in, try to dress sitting down...not my thing anymore. lol

  4. Sounds like fun! I love sleeping in a tent - or I used to. I haven't done it since we had the kids. We just got a new big 3-room "cabin" tent that we will use at Thanksgiving. I hope I love it as much as I used to. Though being 18 weeks pregnant when we go - I think I'm buying an Air Mattress!!!

  5. I did my time as a camper... no more! You are a trooper, Gwen.
    A night at the museum sounds great, I should see if the DMNS does anything like that.


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