Monday, September 15, 2008

Rip Van Winkle, is that you?

I took my camera outside today to take some photos of Jeep parts I bought for dh over the weekend. That's a whole post in an of itself and for another time. Anyway, Devon was out there helping me put the VW back into the garage correctly from where I'd driven it last weekend. If I don't put it in there just right, there's no room to walk around behind it. Anyway, (Gosh, I say anyway a lot, don't I?) I was being a good little wife with the hubby's things.

Devon and I got ready to come inside so we started walking to the door. Just as we got there, the door opened and this is what we saw.


I am sure the whole neighborhood heard me laughing my hiney off after we overcame the shock of the unexpected. ROFL


  1. ROFLOL! That is SO CUTE! He just decided he felt like having facial hair, did he? LOL

  2. I didn't know you were raising an Amish son! LOL

  3. OH.. thats a good one! He looks like he is quite the character!


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