Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not a Moment Alone

but a WHOLE DAY ALONE!!! That's what I had yesterday and wow did it feel weird! lol I enjoyed almost every minute of it though. Yesterday morning started off with a brunch downtown. Jill, it was exactly as you thought it would be. ;) It was with the Christian Women's Club and they were honoring Women with Military Connections. It was nice and a sweet sentiment, but I can't say I want to attend another one. I'm just not cut out for all that type of social stuff. It's a good thing DH isn't some hoity toity general in the Army and I don't have to attend any hoity toity wive's affairs because I am much too cynical for that kind of stuff. That's putting it nicely, I believe. ;)

From there, I came home and checked the computer for directions to the mall in Wichita and then I headed out! I spent the afternoon shopping and just enjoying being away from home while the boys were spending time with my inlaws.

I went out to eat before heading home. I had a nice quiet dinner at Carabas. I know the whole wait staff felt sorry for the poor woman eating alone, but if they only knew my story, they'd have understood. lol

Speaking of eating, I bought a book yesterday in Barnes and Noble that has made for an interesting read so far, Skinny Bitch. Getting through the part where they talk about meat processing plants was quite a task. OMGosh... yuck!

Ok, moving on....... If I want to do anything else alone, tomorrow is my last chance for a while because the laws are leaving Sunday morning. :)


  1. hehehe you crack me up ;)

    glad you had a nice shopping day.

  2. LOL about the army wife lunch - I think I'd feel the same! And YAY on time alone, sounds like a great day. I've heard of that book (became a best seller when someone saw Victoria Beckham carrying it, right?) Sort of hard for me to take diet advice from a model ;) LOL Not a huge vegan fan, I think it's extremely hard to eat a balanced diet if you eliminate all animal proteins. JMHO ;)

  3. My SIL had to attend a bunch of to-do's because her dh was/is a Colonel. I say was/is, because he's tried to retire twice only to return.

    She ended up enjoying a lot of the functions she had to attend, but there were a lot of them too.

    I'm glad you got some time to yourself.

    And I'd be happy to share that bread recipe with you if you'd like. I'll have to scan it, or type it up, but would be more than happy to do either.

  4. YAY for time alone! How come none of that ever comes my way?!

    I don't think I could eat alone, unless it was at a FF place, though!

    And forget vegan, you know how much I like meat ;) Course, we process our own, so not as gross :-D


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