Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just a few things

All throughout our busy day, I kept thinking of stuff and thinking, "I can blog about that later." Well, now later is here and I've forgotten most of those thoughts. Isn't that always the way it goes?

We've had a rather weird day. But hey, normal days are boring right? This was a kind of stressful day because it seems Devon was having an off day where nothing was going right for the poor kid. I got really upset with both of them for breaking my Willow Tree mother and two sons figurine. I probably went a little overboard, but dang it, it's my stuff and it had special meaning to me. Now, my one little guy is without a head and it just makes me sad. What can you do though? *shrug*

So, moving on, what else?

Downy Wrinkle Spray

Have you ever tried this stuff? Oh my... I'd heard about it or seen commercials about it, but never tried it. A week or so ago, I decided to buy it and see what it does. Today, I got my shirt out of the tight squeeze in the closet and thought yuck, it's all wrinkled. But, I pulled out the Downy Wrinkle Spray and gave it a go. Um, can I just say it's my new favorite friend! Worked great! I will be using it again very soon. Wonder if my iron will ever see the light of day again or if it will be forever banned to its spot under the kitchen sink?

Did I tell you about the antique piece of furniture I want downtown? It is a possum belly kitchen cabinet. It's turn of the century, but not turn of the 1999-2000 century, the other one before that. I love it. It's just unique and the first one I've ever seen. It's been refinished in more of a wood finish and I have her agreeing to knock $99 off of it for a grand total of $500. I LOVE IT. Have I said that? I found another one similar in an antique store in a neighboring town, but it still has green crackled paint on it and it was $900 so I'm thinking that's a good deal. There's only one problem. We have a small house. BUT, it's a temporary house. There's no place for my possum belly in this house. BUT, there is a place for my possum belly in my other house in another state. So, the puzzle can be solved by just going and putting money down on it and having her keep it in layaway for me. Oh sure, I could go buy it straight out, but there's that whole issue of where the heck do I put it at this point in time? So, if I put it on layaway and let her keep it in the store for a month or two, then our trip home to MS will be spent hauling it to store at the folks' house. Sounds like a good plan huh? She knows I want it. Today was my fifth time going in to look at it. She just laughs at me when I show up in the store and look at it again. Today, I took a friend in and showed her. A few weeks ago, I took mil in and showed her. Both agree that it's my style and I need it. I love when people agree with me! :D Anyway, I'll keep you posted!

What else? Oh, now I remember the other thing I was going to post about, but I've talked too much already. I'll save that for tomorrow - in the meantime, I'll write the subject on a sticky note so I won't forget. ;)

*Edit* Oh, and I was going to show you my attempt at taking photos of the rising moon tonight. They aren't that great, but it was rather cool driving out in the country, climbing into the bed of the truck and attempting a few shots. Tricky situations like this really remind me that there is so much more I need to learn about my camera! Zoinks, jinkies and all that!!! And it also reminds me of the list of lenses that I'd like to have. *doh!*


  1. Goodness Gracious, they are awesome photos of the rising moon. I mean AWESOME.

    Sorry your boy was having an off day. They do need to realize that stuff has value, but it can be hard on the poor things sometimes. ~~speaking from experience as a klutz and a half. :(

  2. So that wrinkle stuff really works?!

    If you've been in 5 times to see the furniture piece, I'm surprised you haven't taken a picture of it! ;)

  3. Love that last moon shot - gorgeous!! I've been wanting to buy that wrinkle stuff too, keep forgetting to look for it.

  4. Gwen
    The Moon shots are awesome! Makes me miss living there, seeing that road! The pear pictures are delicious! Your Pot Belly sounds like its at Cedar Street... is that where it is?
    Keep up the good work!
    Oh.. and I love that wrinkle stuff too!

  5. I think it's funny that both you and I were taking moon photos. lol

    I think yours turned out well!

    That cabinet sounds neat. I have no idea what a possum belly cabinet is (will have to google that one), but it sounds like a neat find.


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