Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall temps and Rain

The weather here already feels like fall! I am loving it, but thinking it probably won't last. The next few days there are thunderstorms forecast so that should be fun. With the track of Ike, we may get a little rain from him. Should be interesting to say the least.

I've been a fruit freak lately. I had major cravings for fruit a few days ago so went to the grocery store and stocked up on some things. Then last night at church, someone had set out a box of pears with bags to take a few. I took a few, then picked up some fresh apples from the tree in front of the parking lot. Surely, I've gotten my full doses of fiber this week. ;) LOL

Nothing else is going on that is too exciting. The inlaws left Sunday morning and we've been trying to get back into our routine. It would have really helped had we been in a routine in the first place. *guilty*

Yesterday, I offered my photography services to a complete stranger. That felt so weird, but I'd love to do some more portfolio building in case this is a direction I'd really like to take someday. I was at a convenience store when I flopped my wallet open exposing a family photo where my driver's license should be. She asked about it and stated her bf was leaving soon and they'd thought of photos first. I then went into a spill about me. We'll see if she calls. I'd be absolutely delighted if she does, but I'm not really anticipating it. Still though, I was proud of myself for not slinking away from the topic. Ya never know, right? ;)

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  1. Awesome, Gwen! I think she'd be lucky to have you take her pics! :)

    We are easing into our schedule in our true lazy way ;) hehe

    I just hope we get enough done for Kela to start thinking of college soon! :-p They want them to start thinking about it early nowadays ;)


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