Sunday, August 31, 2008


I feel like I have been slacking in so many ways lately. As Marina said once, "What a busy year of doing nothing." Well, I've had a busy month of August doing nothing. Of course, I haven't actually been doing nothing. Man, I think of all the things I meant to accomplish recently and see that a lot of them didn't get done. But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything. I could make a list a mile long of things I did in the month of August. Did that make sense? I reread it and thought it did, but then there's that whole double negative with words like "don't" and "not" in the same sentence. Ponder on that a while. ;)

Life has been interesting in the pet department. Barney, our youngest chihuahua has been sick - spent two nights in the hospital a few weeks ago and had to go back this past week because he wasn't getting any better. This weekend though, he seems to be back on the mend.

The house situation in LA is well, I don't want to talk about it. Cross your fingers that we'll get good renters in there soon.

Tomorrow will start our third week of homeschooling this term. That alone should be fun with grandparents here visiting, but we've decided not to take so many breaks this year because we don't want to still be working in June. Plus, in December, we'll likely take our big break or January. We'll see... have to work for that first. I was thinking of not letting them have tomorrow (Labor Day) as a holiday, but I got a "If looks could kill" look earlier when I mentioned schoolwork tomorrow. Hmmmph...

And then there's scrapbooking. Do I remember the last time I scrapped a layout? No. I did play with paper and scissors this past week though for a little project for my secret sister at church. It's nothing special, but kept me busy for a bit.

I've lost my creative juices or either they've spilled elsewhere. Surely someday they'll come back. Surely...

Speaking of juices, Kim led me to her mother in law's house for apples this week! Wow, those are delish! Of course, there was no way the boys and I could eat four large grocery bags full of apples, so I got busy yesterday working on those. MIL's help was enlisted to share the duty of peeling them while I made up some batches of pie filling. We baked two pies last night and I have filling for four in the freezer. The rest of the apples went into my first ever batch of homemade applesauce - some of which is in the fridge and the rest is in the freezer. I feel like Martha! :D


  1. You have a house in LA now? Cool ;)

    I like your scrappy project. Those are candy bars, right? I say you have more patience than I do!

  2. Ha, yeah. I thought about that later and remembered Nita is the only one that would understand that. "LA" wasn't a typo. LA isn't Lousianna or Los Angeles either. LA in this case is Lower Alabama - not to be confused with where we have our property. That would be UCLA - Underdeveloped Counties of Lower Alabama. ;)

    Now ya know. hehehe


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