Friday, August 15, 2008


I think I have found a new love. That would be an ok thing if I weren't trying to cut down on my carb consumption. But, it's fruit, so that's semi-ok, right?


We were in the grocery store yesterday and D picked up a mango and asked what mangos tasted like. I thought why have these boys never tasted a mango before? hmmmmppphhh... So, we bought one as we were buying a few pints of strawberries and other fruits. We cut it open when we got home and they thought it was pretty good. I decided it might be better to mix it with the strawberries and MAN... what a great little combination! YUMMY!!


  1. Love mangos! Just had mango salsa tonight, as a matter of fact.

  2. Zachary absolutely LOVES mango, but Philip won't really eat it.

    I love it with shrimp or fish as a topping, or thrown in a green salad for some color and sweetness. Or like Bonnie said, a salsa. I make my basic pico de gallo (onions, tomatoes, garlic, peppers, cilantro, salt & pepper), and mix it with diced mango. I use the same thing to make guacamole. So Zachary calls the mango salsa "mango-mole" because it is the same as my guac but with mango instead of avocado.

  3. OMG YUM! Fruit is good for ya! :)

    I love strawberries and mangoes, but you know, I never woulda thunk to mixing them! YUM YUM YUM!

  4. Umm. That "CJ" was me. I knew that would happen when I let the girls have their own blogs! :-p


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