Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm a candle snob. I don't buy cheap candles just for the sake of buying a cheap candle. I really haven't bought many candles at all during the last five years because 1) I had small children and 2) said children thought it was really fun to climb up onto the countertop and blow out the candle if I did have one out and lit. So, to make my life less complicated and my children's lives safer, I got out of the whole candle phase I was never really into in the first place.

Fast forward to living in this little town with a candle shop that has some of the most amazing candles ever and I'm now a candle snob. Yankee candles, eh, they're ok. But Pure Seduction candles from this shop or Winter Warmth from this shop or Creme Brulee from this shop will make you a candle snob for eternity. They'll also make you broke, but hey, you spend money on something, right? lol

So, that leads me to my unappreciative attitude about the secret sister program at our church. I had always wanted to sign up to be a part of the program when we were living elsewhere, but dh's night flying schedule along with the whole small children issue kept me from it because I couldn't attend their monthly get togethers or anything like that.

But here, I decided to give it a shot. I regret it. First and foremost, I still haven't gotten MY person anything for the month of August and August is almost over. Wooops...

Secondly, whoever is my person always gives me candles. Always. Every month. Sometimes once or twice a month, sometimes every week there is a candle with my name on it on the SS table in the foyer. At first, it was a really sweet and sentimental thought behind it. So, in January and February, I didn't mind the candles. The notes read something to the effect that "As Christians, we are to let our lights shine for the whole world to see." Or "We're lighting a candle for your husband and family, keeping the homefires burning." My SS loves and cares about me, I just know it. Her notes are sincere and earnest. But, frankly, I must just be some ungrateful bad person because it is really aggrivating to open up the bag each month or week and find another candle.

In any case, if another ice storm comes through and knocks us out of power for a week or God forbid longer next winter, I'm prepared. I have a box full of candles that can keep us out of the dark and in the light.


  1. you horrible, evil, vile person.
    I'm kidding.
    you can always re-gift them :)

  2. I'm a candle snob too. I like Yankee, but I became quite fond of Pier 1 candles for a long time (until they started to cut corners and made them more 'cheaply', but with the same high price tag)....Then I really got into the candles from Target that were better wax with cotton wicks (and could be gotten unscented if wanted - which I often did). These days, though I have real candles, I use more LED style than anything else. Those are cool. I have a ton of votives, and my inlaws got me some pillars for Christmas last year.

    As for the SS program...It sounds like a neat thing, but no one can use that many candles. Even in a power outage. lol

    If I were involved I'd get something for my person that was a little different each time, but that's just the type of person I am.

  3. I LOVE the candle you sent me from that shop! I TOTALLY understand the candle snobbery. I'm the same way.

    And I agree, the first couple were a nice thought, but if it is the same thing over and over and over again, is it really a nice thought - or just an easy way out? Part of the fun of a SS is to look forward to a little surprise. Where's the surprise?

  4. I'm not a candle person. I have them in my house but rarely light them. They are more of an 'ornament'.

    Sorry about the SS thing. But as Jill said, you can always re-gift...!

  5. I'm with ya, sister. But sadly we have no candle snob shop here, as you know, but there are some yummy smellin ones here and there, BUT the scent must match the season (no spiced ANYTHING in summer). Does that make me an OCD candle snob?


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