Sunday, August 31, 2008


I feel like I have been slacking in so many ways lately. As Marina said once, "What a busy year of doing nothing." Well, I've had a busy month of August doing nothing. Of course, I haven't actually been doing nothing. Man, I think of all the things I meant to accomplish recently and see that a lot of them didn't get done. But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything. I could make a list a mile long of things I did in the month of August. Did that make sense? I reread it and thought it did, but then there's that whole double negative with words like "don't" and "not" in the same sentence. Ponder on that a while. ;)

Life has been interesting in the pet department. Barney, our youngest chihuahua has been sick - spent two nights in the hospital a few weeks ago and had to go back this past week because he wasn't getting any better. This weekend though, he seems to be back on the mend.

The house situation in LA is well, I don't want to talk about it. Cross your fingers that we'll get good renters in there soon.

Tomorrow will start our third week of homeschooling this term. That alone should be fun with grandparents here visiting, but we've decided not to take so many breaks this year because we don't want to still be working in June. Plus, in December, we'll likely take our big break or January. We'll see... have to work for that first. I was thinking of not letting them have tomorrow (Labor Day) as a holiday, but I got a "If looks could kill" look earlier when I mentioned schoolwork tomorrow. Hmmmph...

And then there's scrapbooking. Do I remember the last time I scrapped a layout? No. I did play with paper and scissors this past week though for a little project for my secret sister at church. It's nothing special, but kept me busy for a bit.

I've lost my creative juices or either they've spilled elsewhere. Surely someday they'll come back. Surely...

Speaking of juices, Kim led me to her mother in law's house for apples this week! Wow, those are delish! Of course, there was no way the boys and I could eat four large grocery bags full of apples, so I got busy yesterday working on those. MIL's help was enlisted to share the duty of peeling them while I made up some batches of pie filling. We baked two pies last night and I have filling for four in the freezer. The rest of the apples went into my first ever batch of homemade applesauce - some of which is in the fridge and the rest is in the freezer. I feel like Martha! :D

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm a candle snob. I don't buy cheap candles just for the sake of buying a cheap candle. I really haven't bought many candles at all during the last five years because 1) I had small children and 2) said children thought it was really fun to climb up onto the countertop and blow out the candle if I did have one out and lit. So, to make my life less complicated and my children's lives safer, I got out of the whole candle phase I was never really into in the first place.

Fast forward to living in this little town with a candle shop that has some of the most amazing candles ever and I'm now a candle snob. Yankee candles, eh, they're ok. But Pure Seduction candles from this shop or Winter Warmth from this shop or Creme Brulee from this shop will make you a candle snob for eternity. They'll also make you broke, but hey, you spend money on something, right? lol

So, that leads me to my unappreciative attitude about the secret sister program at our church. I had always wanted to sign up to be a part of the program when we were living elsewhere, but dh's night flying schedule along with the whole small children issue kept me from it because I couldn't attend their monthly get togethers or anything like that.

But here, I decided to give it a shot. I regret it. First and foremost, I still haven't gotten MY person anything for the month of August and August is almost over. Wooops...

Secondly, whoever is my person always gives me candles. Always. Every month. Sometimes once or twice a month, sometimes every week there is a candle with my name on it on the SS table in the foyer. At first, it was a really sweet and sentimental thought behind it. So, in January and February, I didn't mind the candles. The notes read something to the effect that "As Christians, we are to let our lights shine for the whole world to see." Or "We're lighting a candle for your husband and family, keeping the homefires burning." My SS loves and cares about me, I just know it. Her notes are sincere and earnest. But, frankly, I must just be some ungrateful bad person because it is really aggrivating to open up the bag each month or week and find another candle.

In any case, if another ice storm comes through and knocks us out of power for a week or God forbid longer next winter, I'm prepared. I have a box full of candles that can keep us out of the dark and in the light.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wedding Cake

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about wedding cake. And not just about wedding cake in general, but about how much I would love to have a piece of pure white cake with pure white icing on top. Problem is, I don't know anyone getting married anytime soon. Someone got married at our church yesterday, but I didn't know them so couldn't just barge in for a piece of cake. Well, I could have, but my momma taught me better than that.

So, that's led me to think about a bakery. No, not the bakery at Walmart - blah on their cakes and probably blah on other grocery store bakery cakes. Would it be strange to order the smallest size possible just so I could satisfy this desire for wedding cake? I just want a piece! Hmmm....... wonder if any of the bakeries in the nearby towns have caught on to the cupcake craze across the nation. That might work.

Of course, none of this goes along with my desire to cut down on my sugar intake a lose a few more pounds. But still, I want wedding cake! :lol I guess I could be a really good girl and wait until the end of September when it's D's birthday and order him a white cake for his birthday. Heck, I could bake my own white cake cupcakes, but it's not the same as a professional wedding cake.

Sigh..... Or maybe I could scan the newspapers for weddings and the boys and I could just crash one. Might go into my book of things to do in my lifetime. Daring and edgey - hmmmm... it could happen, I just couldn't tell my momma about it. LOL

I'll keep you posted.

All cake talk aside, did I tell you I have lost six pounds in the last month? Well, not sure when I actually started keeping track, but between the WiiFit and the treadmill, something good is happening around my midsection. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008


I think I have found a new love. That would be an ok thing if I weren't trying to cut down on my carb consumption. But, it's fruit, so that's semi-ok, right?


We were in the grocery store yesterday and D picked up a mango and asked what mangos tasted like. I thought why have these boys never tasted a mango before? hmmmmppphhh... So, we bought one as we were buying a few pints of strawberries and other fruits. We cut it open when we got home and they thought it was pretty good. I decided it might be better to mix it with the strawberries and MAN... what a great little combination! YUMMY!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Dear Blog,

I'm sorry that I've neglected you this past week. It's really crazy how I will log on and take a browse at other blogs sometimes thinking "Man, that girl needs to update her blog, I've been looking at that same post for three days." And yet, you, my dear blog get neglected. I promise, yet again, to do better in the future.

In the meantime, I'll tell you what I have been doing that has kept me away from you, My Blog. Well, let's see, where to start. Hmmm, well, if I'm honest, I'll just say I havent' been doing much out of the ordinary which doesn't really give me a reason to neglect you.

I've been faithful to my WiiFit. Oh.My.Goodness. I just got off that little white balance pad and finished the advanced hula hoop exercise. I reached my highest score of 1950 something swings or hoolas or swirls or what would you call that? Man, if that thing doesn't tighten my abs and flatten my tummy, nothing can or will. I also walked/jogged three miles on the treadmill today. I will probably pass out when my head hits the pillow tonight from sheer exhaustion.

Oh well, that's it from me for now.

~Simply Exhausted

Monday, August 4, 2008

Worth a thousand words

I started my car this afternoon and saw this.

Now, usually, the temp reader thingamajig goes DOWN after driving around for a bit. Today, it went UP to 110!! What the heck?

So, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the week's temperatures which are supposed to be in the nineties. Now, how strange is it to look FORWARD to temps in the nineties? *rolleyes*

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cowboys, dirt and rodeos

We went to the rodeo last night. Lots of fun, some edge of your seat sort of stuff - like when the guy was HURLED from the bull and he just lay there not moving for - EVER - freaking everyone in the crowd out. Finally, he was able to get up and walk away, but it was scary in the meantime.

I had mixed emotions about my photos I was able to capture. I really wish I could have gotten more of the action shots, but I couldn't get passed a big blur in so many of them - the bull riding - things were just too fast and it was dark and I was in the stands and lots of excuses.

But, I did get these and they tell a great story. I think I watched most of the rodeo through the viewfinder of my camera anyway. They could be cropped a bit more, but I'm lazy.

It was steer wrestling. The cowboy jumps from his horse to not rope, but wrestle the steer to the ground? Some PITA people say it's cruelty to animals, but Wikipedia says there's danger in it for the cowboys too. Here's the proof - pictures really are worth a thousand words. ;)

He's all ready, waiting in the gate for the steer to be let loose from the gate.

There they go!

Moving in for the catch and wrestle. This is sort of like sky diving - why jump off a perfectly good horse to tackle a steer with horns like that? It's like why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? LOL

Atta boy, cowboy, get him down!

He's down! Good job! But look at Cowboy's hand on his mouth and steer's expression as if to say, "Well, sorry Buddy, but you deserved what you got."

And what exactly did he get?

Well, he got his tooth knocked out! The steer's horn hit him just in the right spot and knocked his tooth out of his mouth!

Lots of guys came to help look, but they never found it! The announcer said he probably wouldn't have wanted to put it back in his mouth anyway considering that wasn't all dirt in that arena. Poor guy. He got a good score for his time but it cost him a tooth.

And the cowboys were wearing Pink because it was Tough Enough to Wear Pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Night at the Rodeo.