Friday, July 18, 2008

Grass Carp

Do you know what that is? I didn't until recently. Oh, sure, I knew there were certain types of fish that eat algae or weeds and vegetation off the bottom of lakes. Or at least, I knew you could buy small ones for your fish tank. I don't normally think about such things. So, I find it rather ironic that Grass Carp have made their way into my life twice in the past two weeks. The first time was when I got to see one face to fin, I mean face to face. Pop and the boys were fishing off their dock and Pop snagged this monstrosity by his tail. Can you believe that? Anyway, with the help of the boys, he reeled him in for a closer look. This dude has eaten a lot of weeds in his days at the bottom of the pond! We released him back into the pond so he could get back to work and put some weight on his bones he was so close to being a skeleton fish. ;)


And then, last night, in a conversation with a homeowner who lives in the area where we're planning to build our dream home, Grass Carp made their way into the conversation. I was so delighted to know exactly what the man was talking about when he was updating me on the condition of the lakes on the property and telling me that he'd added Grass Carp to the lakes to help keep down vegetation growth. Surely he was impressed with my vast knowledge of these monster fish. lol

Now, if Grass Carp come into my life for a third time anytime soon, I'll report back because that will just be too weird. ;)


  1. Yea, that is definitely weird. Especially, I have never even heard of it before. It is an ugly fish, isn't it? LOL

  2. Ok.. wanna hear something funny? When I was the City Clerk of enterprise, we bought grass carp for our sewer ponds, because they would eat the yucky stuff. Well, in the minutes, I accidently wrote "grass crap".. I never heard the end of that one. It was GRASS CRAP.. cause the carp was eating the crap! LOL


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