Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A girl and a worm

My niece is not your typical girl. She doesn't care about the perfect clothes, pretty hair or anything like that. She's perfectly happy being herself and that's an often stubborn self. I have tried on endless occasions to get her to pose for me for photos. No can do. She runs from the camera or buries her face in her hands so I can't see her. I don't get it. Well, I do. It's that whole "I'm not going to do what you want me to just because you want me to do it" attitude she's had all of her life. Trouble ahead from my sis and bil. *yikes* One of these days, she's going to question our entire family about why there are no photos of her when she was younger - why are there photos of all the boys in the family, but none of her. Well, I have some proof. I'll show her this. This is what she does when you pull the camera out and point it in her direction. She hides and buries her face. *rolleyes*

So, I've decided if I want photos of her, I have to just get them when she's not looking - sort of photo-journalist style. I took my camera with me to the pond where they were fishing and got these. Oh sure, they don't show her face or beautiful smile. They don't show how much she looks like my mother, her Patpat. But they do show her tomboy side - the side of her that can hang tough with all three of her BOY cousins. This girl "ain't afraid of no worms" and doesn't have to depend on anyone else to bait her hook. She's hanging with the best of them. ;)

And when it's all said and done, when she is tired of you following her around with the camera and she's tired of hearing, "Please just look at me and smile. I need proof we loved you too when you were younger. Please." She may actually look at you and do just that. But you'd better be quick because the smile and eye contact won't last too long. lol

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  1. Heck, I do that now (run and hide at the sight of a camera). lol

    There are tons of pictures of me as a kid, mostly unposed, but several posed as well. As an adult, very few. I don't photograph well anymore, so I hate having my picture taken. Ask dh. He's upset that he has nothing recent of me.


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