Monday, July 21, 2008

Friends and Family

When we went out of town recently, we went south to visit family. The K family is the same as family though we aren't related. Devon and L became friends in playgroup when they were less than two years old. Bets and I developed our friendship during that time too. I'm not sure who liked who better, the boys or us girls. Bets and I are so much alike and we get each other. R and Reed came along and they just melded into the fit, so it's been good for us all. And the guys, T and dh, well, whether they like each other or not (and thankfully they do) they are bound by my and Bets' friendship. Everytime we're together, it's like we are picking up where we last left off and running with it. We have the BEST time visiting with them.

So, during our visit with them at the beginning of the month, I got a chance to shoot them (with my favorite weapon, my camera).

I'll have to share some more of the photos when I've had a chance to go through and tweek them a bit.

For now, I think this one is cool. It's my family of friends. :)


  1. when I first clicked, i couldn't see the "family" thing, and I thought wow Gwen, that blurry pic is your fav?! hehe :P

  2. I like it. Love how the word is up front and center, the people behind.

  3. Gee thanks, JB. I was trying to be creative. *shakes head and rolls eyes*


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