Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another one bites the dust

I have been accused more than once of "having a song for every occasion". I never see that as a bad thing, but apparently my sister does. Of course, seeing that she sees it as a problem only adds fuel to my fire and makes me want to do it more and more around her or on the phone with her or every chance I get. I'll always be her baby sister and it'll forever be my job to irritate her. Hey, that's just what I do and if you would ask her, she'd admit I do it well. :D

I'm not the only person I know with a song for every occasion. Kristi, my forever friend, is the same way. Get the two of us together and well, it's quite an interesting conversation - one older sister doesn't want to have any part of. LOL

So, when Reed came walking into the house not too long ago with dirt all over his face because he didn't quite execute the bar on the swing set and he literally bit the dust, well, that song came to mind.

The photo is proof - he bit the dust. Poor guy. He recovered, but not after having to spit and swallow a few bits of said dust. LOL

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  1. Poor thing!!

    I have a song for every occasion too ;) Haha


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