Saturday, June 14, 2008

The State of my Living Room Floor

This is the ordinary state of my living room floor. There's a nice rug under there somewhere or at least I think there is. Sam and Barney are really stressed out over the state of this floor. Can you tell? It bothers them, bothers them to the point of sheer exhaustion just thinking about cleaning all those little pieces up and storing them where they belong. Don't they look exhausted and troubled to you? Poor guys. They looked absolutely tormented.

And where do those Legos belong anyway? See that plastic box in the first photo? They actually belong in there. But guess what? Today, someone stepped on a Lego, hurt their foot and fell ONTO the box cracking it and creating a storage problem for Legos until further notice. Sigh. No doubt this caused Sam and Barney more anguish and dispair. I bet they won't sleep a wink tonight.

So, on a completely different note, I wanted to show you some "Carrot Love" Devon found when he pulled some carrots in the garden today. So maybe we should have thinned our seeds a bit more closely? These guys/gals/guy&gal seem to love each other, don't they?


  1. LOL!!! I can appreciate the lego wilderness you got there ;)

    And the carrot love is funny! :)

  2. That carrot is

    Yes, both dogs look terribly stressed and upset.

    Ouch about the lego incident.


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