Monday, June 16, 2008

Red chair

A few of you have already heard about my $2 set of chairs from the yard sale. I had to buy two to make one good chair out of the set as a spindle was missing. A purchase I could easily afford. My main purpose in buying the chair was to use it as a photography prop whenever the opportunity might arise. So, I brought them home and stuck them in the garage which is my hiding place. I decided this weekend to tackle my chair project. I sanded the "good chair" and then disassembled the other one to rob it of a spindle. I love power tools - the drill especially with a large tip on it. It's fun to be destructive. (Apparently my children think so too because everytime I would turn around, the drill and that mongo bit was missing and I could hear them drilling a hole in something, Lord only knows what. lol)

Anyway, a couple of coats of RED spray paint and my chair is satisfactory.

I needed a model for it this evening and the boys were already in the house getting showers. I turned around and there was Barney. I put his pretty little self on the chair, aimed my camera and got a shot of a blurry him jumping from the chair. He's a shy model sometimes. But there was Sam, the ever pleasing canine.

So, Sam is the model proving redheads can work with RED. He'll be the next GQ cover. Look at that first photo looking away from the camera being all serious and pretending I'm not there.

Then he looked at me like "Are we done yet?"


  1. hahah I love the dog! I'm coveting that red chair, that is awesome!! :) I'm at Panera bread right now becauase I have mtgs and it makes no sense for me to drive back to my office when I'll have to leave 30 minutes later. And I'm checking work email, so technically, I'm working :)

  2. Oh pretty chair! And cute doggie! ;) It definitely makes a fab prop!!! Good find!!! And you work harder than I do. I wish I wasn't afraid of power tools, but I am. It is probably a good thing for the world at large, on thinking it over, though ;)

  3. I love the chair!!

    I know you bought it with other thoughts in mind...but it would look neat tucked into a corner of the garden with flowers spilling from it....

  4. Great chair, Gwen! Redheads can def get away with red! :)


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