Monday, May 5, 2008

Whose dog is this anyway?

I was backing up some older photos today when I ran across these taken in December.

When we first got Sam, I thought one dog was enough. Then mil came for a visit a year later with a basket in the car. She told me to go out and see what was in the basket. I was remembering some conversations I'd overheard between her and DH in recent months about him wanting a smaller chihuahua, so I said, "Well, it had better not be a dog." I ate those words as soon as I saw what was in the basket. Yep, a dog though it was a cute little blonde chihuahua puppy that would fit into the palm of your hand all the while stealing your heart. Well, DH's heart at least! Happy birthday to DH and one more responsiblity for me (potty training our fourth "child" - as if two boys and one dog weren't enough.) So, that left Devon with Sam and DH with Barney, the new love of his life.

Fast forward a few years and we move from our happy place in the south to the middle of America. At that point, Barney pretty much abandoned DH and took to sleeping in Reed's bed with him. DH wasn't and still isn't thrilled with that whole idea because as he said he'd lost his dog. But hey, whatever kept our four/five year old from climbing out of his bed in the middle of the night and into ours was a solution I could handle. If he felt safe with a little yappy in bed with him, then leave well enough alone.

Still, DH couldn't leave well enough alone. He'd whine to Reed about stealing his dog and then that would begin a good natured argument over whose dog he really is.

Someone had once told us that chihuahuas are one person dogs. I don't think that person knew what they were talking about as that hasn't been the case with our dogs. Yeah, they do seem to love the boys more than either of the two adults in this household. But, when the boys are being boys and traumatizing the dogs with Nerf guns or remote controlled cars, the dogs always seek me out to find comfort, protection and solace. Funny how they don't want me any other time except for then and dinner time. *rolleyes* Well, and when I'm sitting comfortably in the recliner snuggled under a blanket, they tend to want to be my best friend then too.

The fact is, this dog, this Barney doesn't really belong to any ONE person in our family. He's just everyone's though no one will admit it. Everyone claims him as their own.

I do tend to think that Reed has the advantage though. There's favoritism in there somewhere and I haven't figured out how to beat it out of the equation.


  1. Cute pictures. And funny story about your dogs.

  2. Awwww! Your doggie is cute :)

    Our dog loves Kevin. She loves the girls too. And believe it or not she likes me too! LOL

  3. I love that first picture. lol

    Animals have their own ideas about things. Turbo is very much an "equal opportunity" cat. lol


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