Friday, May 16, 2008

Rip Roarin'

D is a silly kiddo. He has wanted a Nintendo DS for quite some time now. Before that it was a digital camera. He was saving his money for the camera, but then spent it somehow or other on something. Then he started saving again with the DS in mind. Then Billy was helping him learn guitar and Billy's electric guitar was so much cooler than the acoustic one Granny gave him a few years ago. So, the bulging bills in his wallet went toward the purchase of his first electric guitar. I was actually proud of him for that move - it was something other than a video game. :) Then regret hit and the lust for a DS came back, (isn't that always how it goes?) so he starts saving again. While R spends every dollar he earns from working and doing chores or happy mail monies from grandparents and buy Legos. Have I mentioned how their room looks more like Legoland than an actual room? Anyway, D would always save his, planning for the DS.

Fast forward that to drooling over RipStiks in Target.

Actually, you don't have to fast forward because he's been drooling over RipStiks as long as he's been drooling over the Nintendo DS.

Ok, now you can fast forward to this week when he actually got to try out a Ripstik at a birthday party and there was no turning back from that point. His mind was made up, he was buying a Ripstik the next time we were near one. And so, we came home from town last night with a Ripstik. A pretty RED one. :)

And this is how he spent much of the afternoon after schoolwork was finished.

First pic is SOOC because I got lazy and tired of pping them. Sorry... it's not a bad photo though for being SOOC.

We have "issues" with the helmet. As long
as I'm around and insisting, it is usually on. But otherwise, he conveniently "forgets" about it. It's really amazing how easy it is to forget when you know you've heard that nagging motherly voice say, "Get your helmet and PUT IT ON!" nine zillion times. :rolleyes:

And though he did actually convince me to try the regular skateboard much to my complete shock that it really isn't as easy as it looks to ride something like that for less than a foot without totally freaking out and jumping off... he will NEVER convince me to try my hand/feet at this thing. I'm too old and fragile.

And now, he's telling everyone his wallet has ZERO dollars in it. I wonder if when he starts saving again for the DS just what he'll really buy next time.


  1. hahaha...ZERO dollars!! He looks like he's got a handle on that thing pretty good! Nice pictures :)

  2. OK, you lost me on SOOC, but that's ok! ;-)

    I think we need a picture of you on that thing...

  3. Yea, I didn't get SOOC, must be a professional term ;) haha

    I love the pics of him without the helmet. Even though I know he should wear it. He looks so handsome in the last set! :)

  4. Oh, sorry, SOOC = straight out of camera with no editing done on them. ;)


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