Friday, May 9, 2008

A red phone booth

My new favorite past time online is cruising photo galleries and looking at the different ways different photographers capture life. Last night, I found a gallery and was awed when I came across a photo with a red phone booth in the background. My immediate thought was, "I want to take photos with a red phone booth in the background. But where?" Then, as soon as the thought left my mind, I remembered WE have a red phone booth here in town!

So, today after schoolwork, after mowing the yard and after a long hot shower, I convinced the boys - well, bribed the boys with milkshakes afterward - to go on a photo adventure with me and be my models. With the promise of ice cream afterward, they were willing subjects.

Here are some of the results of our outting.
First, Brotherly love don't come easy.

Ok, fine, love you too, but don't tell anyone.

Now, Reed checking out the phone booth.

And then, Mr. Tough Guy.
Me: Put your arms down, you look defensive.
Him: No, I don't. I like them this way. It looks stupid if I hang them down at my side.
Me: Whatever, Mr. Tough Guy

You don't look so tough when you smile that "pretty" (yeah, called a boy pretty) smile.

You're actually rather charming. Ok, fine, you can leave your arms crossed.

Him: Do you have fifty cents?
Me: Why?
Him: Because I want to actually call someone.
Me: Fifty cents for a phone call? Didn't phone booths used to cost a dime? Who are you going to call?
Him: Home.
Me: We're not there.
Him: I just want to hear myself on the answering machine. (In the words of my mil, he sounds like Dennis the Menace on our answering machine. He says, "Hello" then pauses. And just when whoever the gullible party is on the other end gets a minute to start talking to him, he starts laughing and says, "Oh, you thought this was me? It's really a message, leave US a message and we'll call you back." Oh, the heck we've caught for that. But, my goodness, it is funny (to us)
Me: Not for fifty cents. LOL Just pretend you're on the phone.

And finally, what's a photo adventure with two little boys without a little hamming around. Tell me you can't look at these and NOT come away singing "Ain't no party like a Chipmunk Party..." (Ok, well, maybe if you'd seen the movie and all, you'd be singing it. Or maybe if you BOUGHT the movie that came with the extra CD and had to listen to it a bazillion times like I have, you'd come away singing that song.)


  1. Verry cute photos! I don't know that song so no, it doesn't put it in my head. But LOL at Devon's message! :) My brother used to have one like that on his cell vmail...I'd get so aggravated. "Hello...hello? I can't hear you....are you there...haha just kidding leave me a message"

  2. That's a cool phone booth!!

    Love that second to the last photo of the boys. lol

    Great conversation between you

  3. People say they think I am answering on my cell voice mail, but I don't know why. LOL

    My favorite is the one where he is on the phone. I am glad you let him do it! :)

  4. Those are great pics Gwen! Your boys are so cute and that phone booth is awesome!

  5. Love the phone booth and the pictures and story of your adventure are a great read!!

    Love the message on the answering machine!


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