Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Fives

It for some random stuff, huh?

#1 Ironing. I hate ironing. Oops, said the h word again. That's one good thing about winter, you don't have to iron so much in the winter. With summer and warmer temps comes the cotton shirts and capris that need ironed. Yuck. That's what I've been doing this afternoon. Yuck.

#2 Stress. I don't like stress either. (would that qualify as hating it?) I just think it does such weird things to your body when you don't even realize you're stressed.

#3 Yard mowing. Sigh... I used to love to mow the yard. I guess I still kind of do. It's a guarenteed time when people are going to leave you alone and not come near you as you're working with a machine that could dismember someone. What a goorie thought, sorry. Anyway, this year, I've noticed that I have a sensitivity to grass and especially fresh cut grass. What's up with that? There again, my body is doing things it hasn't discussed with me.

#4 Schedules. I'm so bad with a schedule. We really need to work harder at a schedule next year. That way when everyone else is out of school, we won't still be forcing ourselves to finish up our own schoolwork. Blah. But when everyone else was in school at various times last year, we were off on vacation or visiting family, so we really can't complain.

#5 Friends What sparked this random thought was the fact that D has a friend over today. His mom dropped him off without even getting out of the car herself. So, I got to thinking... Before marriage and children, I had my own friends. After marriage, DH and I had our couple friends. After children, I had my children's parents as friends because of playdates and such. It's really weird now that my children are older and gaining new friends, I'm not having to be friends with their friends' parents. (and sometimes that is a good thing ;) ) I guess if I want to make any new friends I will need to get back to making my own friends again, huh? LOL Seriously though, I'm perfectly happy with the friends I have now. They are better than therapy to me because they know me and "get" me taking me for what I am and still loving me regardless. (That's a blessing!)

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  1. #1 - I never iron. Ok, well RARELY.

    #2 I don't like stress either!

    #3 I am not allowed to mow the yard, cuz it is all one big steep hill.

    #4 I refuse to care about schedules! LOL

    #5 I was just thinking, even though my kids are getting older, I at least want to MEET their friends' parents. Our neighbor girl has been coming over and spending lots of time here, and I have never even so much as caught sight of her mother or step dad! This is not good, imo... Not that I want to be her friend or anything, but wouldn't it worry you to send your kids to someone's house who you've never met or even seen, or even been there yourself? It bugs me that we haven't met or spoken on the phone or anything.... Maybe i am weird though.... ;)


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