Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Fives

Hmm, let's see. What earth shattering, mind boggling things can I tell you about today? Let me think. *thinking* *thinking* *thinking*

Ok, well, I don't have any earth shattering OR mind boggling things to report about this Friday. So, you're going to have to settle for five random things again today. :)

#1 Lesson learned today: I really should learn to check the temperature outside before I get up and start opening all the windows in the house. It's been so nice here the past few days, I've had all windows open and have been letting the house breathe a little better. This morning I got up and did that exact thing (habit, routine, ritual) Well, ten minutes later, I went back around and closed them all. Wowsa, it's amazing how much difference ten degrees can make! The wind is just too cold today for airing anything out. ;)

#2 Power walks The boys and I have been walking this week in the evenings. We've made it about five times recently with the exception of Wednesday when we were at church. It's been good for us all. Well, they don't walk, they ride their bikes. My POWERwalking comes from walking fast enough to keep up with them. Sometimes my thighs and calves curse me, but thankfully, the boys are good about turning around and coming back to let me catch up. :)

#3 Weight Watchers I said I was going to sign in this week and keep track of my points. I said I was going to do better this week. What do they say about good intentions? Well, whatever it is, it fits me because I never signed in after Monday morning. And I have not been the best healthy eater this week. I haven't been bad, but I could have been better. Does the power walking even that out a bit and make it all good?

#4 Pioneer Woman said today
I’m in denial, though, and I love avoiding things—especially important, earth-shattering decisions—in my life
Gosh, I think she was actually describing me instead of herself! I love to avoid things. I'm really good at avoiding things, especially earth-shattering decisions in my life. *guilty* Anyway, I was in touch with that comment when I read it. Just thought you needed to know. :) By the way, I *heart* Pioneer Woman. Whoever turned me on to her site, thanks! I'm spreading the love by telling everyone else they have to read there! LOL

#5 Steak night: I haven't had a steak in a few months, not since R&R. DH is the steak eater. I made the boys baked potatoes for lunch one day and they asked where the steak to go with it was. *knuckleheads* Anyway, tonight, we're having baked potatoes WITH steaks. They are thrilled. We'll think of dh and eat a few bites for him during the course of the meal. :)


  1. I can so relate to throwing open the doors and windows! Our weather has been so up and down that one day having the windows open is okay, the next, like you, I'm freezing inside of five minutes. lol

    I can also relate to the comment about earth shattering decisions....I often think things through too much, and sometimes let the opportunity slip by.

    I didn't know you were doing Weight Watchers. Good luck with whatever your goal is.

  2. Well, I would like to think that it was me who introduced you to PW. Since I have been a fan of hers forEVAH! ;) hehe

    Have you signed on to WW today??? *tapping toe, pointing finger* ;)

    I am glad you and the boys have been walking. That does help!! And I think that is too cute they love steaks like their daddy :)


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