Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bob Seger and my first date

Do you remember him? Well, my first date wasn't with Bob Seger. I don't know how many songs he put out in the eighties, but I only remember one of them. I remember it because it was a circumstantial song in my life. By saying circumstantial song, I mean one of those songs that you hear and you're taken back in time to an important moment in time when you were once listening to that song. A memory jogging song, etc. That one song I remember from him is, "We've Got Tonight" Until tonight, I'd actually forgotten about this song because it definitely wasn't one of my favorites from my teen years. I'll tell you why in a sec. Anyway, tonight on the way into town, Bob came on the radio singing "We've Got Tonight". I actually didn't change the station, but instead let myself be transformed in time to oh what, how long ago was it that I was sixteen? Egads... twenty two years ago. (Shuddup Jill, don't even mention it, we know. :P)

I was never what you'd call boy crazy. But, well, boys did get my attention. Oddly enough though I've known my husband most of my life, he wasn't one of the ones that caught my attention in high school. (Sorry if you're reading this, Honey. :D I love you now!) Anyway, where was I? Oh, it wasn't until I was sixteen or maybe even fifteen, no it was probably sixteen that I had my first official date with a boy and kiss too for that matter. Yep, I was a Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed (unless you count Gene Craig in fourth grade on the school bus getting in my face and laying a kiss on me much to the horror of, well, me and my mother who drove the schoolbus! LOL)

P.R. asked me out one night. I can't even remember the circumstances. He was older than me, not even in our school though his brother and sister were in school with us. I don't remember if he was that old that he'd already graduated or what the deal was. The point was, some guy had asked me out and I'd said yes. So, we had plans to go see Top Gun because it had just premierred. Well, I waited all week and he never called. I was mad. Stood up for my first date or first proposed date. So, when Saturday night rolled around, I did what seemed more fitting and went to see Top Gun with my bff Kristi. Ha, take that P.R.!

But then the next week, P.R. called and had some lame excuse for not calling the week before. He asked if I was still interested in the movie and going with him. I said sure failing to admit that I'd gone without him and drooled over the young Tom Cruise (before he became all weird), Val Kilmer and those other guys playing beach volleyball. Besides, I'd get to go watch the beach volleyball scene all over again this week and watch Goose get killed without it being a surprise and without having to cry in front of my first ever official date.

So, Friday night rolls around and P.R. pulls into my driveway in his uber cool early eighties Chevette. Yeah, well, it wasn't really uber cool. LOL I was ok with that though, I was going on my first official date with a boy. :) He did the right thing, went and opened the door for me, etc. When we started to drive away down my parents' road to the highway, he reached over and started the portable tape player. The "uber cool" Chevette's radio was on the blink so a "boom box" was taking its place. P.R. hit the button and Bob Seger started singing.
Just for kicks, here it is.

Well, me being a Rick Springfield, Bon Jovi, Def Lepard, Whitesnake and any other long haired mid eighties kind of band fan didn't really appreciate Bob Seger as maybe I should have at that moment in time. So, I asked him if we could turn it off and find something else on the radio. It was only later that I realized he had probably had that timed just perfectly to play and impress me when it came on. Oops. Goofup #1 on first official date with a boy. I'll shorten that to FODWAB which if you read it as a word sounds funny doesn't it? LOL

I don't remember much more about that night. We did go see Top Gun, but I don't remember after the movie.

The next part I remember is the goodnight kiss. Remember the part about the Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed ? Well, that was about to change. But I'll warn you right now, I wasn't ready for it. Maybe I should have waited until I was seventeen. When P.R. leaned over the "boom box" and when his lips met mine, I started laughing. Goofup #2 Now, I wasn't laughing about the way he kissed. Heck, I hadn't even had the chance to pay attention to the way he kissed me. I am not sure what I was laughing about. He was nice enough though and gave me another chance. He moved in for another kiss and I started laughing all over again. Goofup#3 and pretty much the end of my FODWAB. After that, he turned the car on and drove me home. Where were we in the first place? I have no recollection of that - possibly in the driveway of his house, but I don't know why. I apparently did a good job of blocking much of that night from my mind.

But tonight, when Bob Seger came on the radio, I didn't change the station like I always do when that song comes on. I listened to it all the way through - probably for the first time EVER! and recalled my FODWAB and what a nightmare it was in reality.

I never heard from P.R. after that night. Can't imagine why, can you?

About ten years later though, his name came up in a conversation with my friend, Robin. She was talking about P.R. who was the janitor at their school. Maybe my goofups weren't such bad things afterall. ;)

Do you remember your first date? What was it like?


  1. my FODWAB...well. hmm. I'll have to give some thought to this. maybe I'll blog about it too! haha!

  2. I really don't remember my first "real" date. Unless it was a movie with Kevin maybe.

    I didn't date. I just hung out with people and stuff. Bad idea really. Since I WAS boy crazy, and didn't have much sense! (haha not much has changed there!) ;)

    Reading about your FODWAB was fun though! :)


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