Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Fives

It for some random stuff, huh?

#1 Ironing. I hate ironing. Oops, said the h word again. That's one good thing about winter, you don't have to iron so much in the winter. With summer and warmer temps comes the cotton shirts and capris that need ironed. Yuck. That's what I've been doing this afternoon. Yuck.

#2 Stress. I don't like stress either. (would that qualify as hating it?) I just think it does such weird things to your body when you don't even realize you're stressed.

#3 Yard mowing. Sigh... I used to love to mow the yard. I guess I still kind of do. It's a guarenteed time when people are going to leave you alone and not come near you as you're working with a machine that could dismember someone. What a goorie thought, sorry. Anyway, this year, I've noticed that I have a sensitivity to grass and especially fresh cut grass. What's up with that? There again, my body is doing things it hasn't discussed with me.

#4 Schedules. I'm so bad with a schedule. We really need to work harder at a schedule next year. That way when everyone else is out of school, we won't still be forcing ourselves to finish up our own schoolwork. Blah. But when everyone else was in school at various times last year, we were off on vacation or visiting family, so we really can't complain.

#5 Friends What sparked this random thought was the fact that D has a friend over today. His mom dropped him off without even getting out of the car herself. So, I got to thinking... Before marriage and children, I had my own friends. After marriage, DH and I had our couple friends. After children, I had my children's parents as friends because of playdates and such. It's really weird now that my children are older and gaining new friends, I'm not having to be friends with their friends' parents. (and sometimes that is a good thing ;) ) I guess if I want to make any new friends I will need to get back to making my own friends again, huh? LOL Seriously though, I'm perfectly happy with the friends I have now. They are better than therapy to me because they know me and "get" me taking me for what I am and still loving me regardless. (That's a blessing!)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bob Seger and my first date

Do you remember him? Well, my first date wasn't with Bob Seger. I don't know how many songs he put out in the eighties, but I only remember one of them. I remember it because it was a circumstantial song in my life. By saying circumstantial song, I mean one of those songs that you hear and you're taken back in time to an important moment in time when you were once listening to that song. A memory jogging song, etc. That one song I remember from him is, "We've Got Tonight" Until tonight, I'd actually forgotten about this song because it definitely wasn't one of my favorites from my teen years. I'll tell you why in a sec. Anyway, tonight on the way into town, Bob came on the radio singing "We've Got Tonight". I actually didn't change the station, but instead let myself be transformed in time to oh what, how long ago was it that I was sixteen? Egads... twenty two years ago. (Shuddup Jill, don't even mention it, we know. :P)

I was never what you'd call boy crazy. But, well, boys did get my attention. Oddly enough though I've known my husband most of my life, he wasn't one of the ones that caught my attention in high school. (Sorry if you're reading this, Honey. :D I love you now!) Anyway, where was I? Oh, it wasn't until I was sixteen or maybe even fifteen, no it was probably sixteen that I had my first official date with a boy and kiss too for that matter. Yep, I was a Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed (unless you count Gene Craig in fourth grade on the school bus getting in my face and laying a kiss on me much to the horror of, well, me and my mother who drove the schoolbus! LOL)

P.R. asked me out one night. I can't even remember the circumstances. He was older than me, not even in our school though his brother and sister were in school with us. I don't remember if he was that old that he'd already graduated or what the deal was. The point was, some guy had asked me out and I'd said yes. So, we had plans to go see Top Gun because it had just premierred. Well, I waited all week and he never called. I was mad. Stood up for my first date or first proposed date. So, when Saturday night rolled around, I did what seemed more fitting and went to see Top Gun with my bff Kristi. Ha, take that P.R.!

But then the next week, P.R. called and had some lame excuse for not calling the week before. He asked if I was still interested in the movie and going with him. I said sure failing to admit that I'd gone without him and drooled over the young Tom Cruise (before he became all weird), Val Kilmer and those other guys playing beach volleyball. Besides, I'd get to go watch the beach volleyball scene all over again this week and watch Goose get killed without it being a surprise and without having to cry in front of my first ever official date.

So, Friday night rolls around and P.R. pulls into my driveway in his uber cool early eighties Chevette. Yeah, well, it wasn't really uber cool. LOL I was ok with that though, I was going on my first official date with a boy. :) He did the right thing, went and opened the door for me, etc. When we started to drive away down my parents' road to the highway, he reached over and started the portable tape player. The "uber cool" Chevette's radio was on the blink so a "boom box" was taking its place. P.R. hit the button and Bob Seger started singing.
Just for kicks, here it is.

Well, me being a Rick Springfield, Bon Jovi, Def Lepard, Whitesnake and any other long haired mid eighties kind of band fan didn't really appreciate Bob Seger as maybe I should have at that moment in time. So, I asked him if we could turn it off and find something else on the radio. It was only later that I realized he had probably had that timed just perfectly to play and impress me when it came on. Oops. Goofup #1 on first official date with a boy. I'll shorten that to FODWAB which if you read it as a word sounds funny doesn't it? LOL

I don't remember much more about that night. We did go see Top Gun, but I don't remember after the movie.

The next part I remember is the goodnight kiss. Remember the part about the Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed ? Well, that was about to change. But I'll warn you right now, I wasn't ready for it. Maybe I should have waited until I was seventeen. When P.R. leaned over the "boom box" and when his lips met mine, I started laughing. Goofup #2 Now, I wasn't laughing about the way he kissed. Heck, I hadn't even had the chance to pay attention to the way he kissed me. I am not sure what I was laughing about. He was nice enough though and gave me another chance. He moved in for another kiss and I started laughing all over again. Goofup#3 and pretty much the end of my FODWAB. After that, he turned the car on and drove me home. Where were we in the first place? I have no recollection of that - possibly in the driveway of his house, but I don't know why. I apparently did a good job of blocking much of that night from my mind.

But tonight, when Bob Seger came on the radio, I didn't change the station like I always do when that song comes on. I listened to it all the way through - probably for the first time EVER! and recalled my FODWAB and what a nightmare it was in reality.

I never heard from P.R. after that night. Can't imagine why, can you?

About ten years later though, his name came up in a conversation with my friend, Robin. She was talking about P.R. who was the janitor at their school. Maybe my goofups weren't such bad things afterall. ;)

Do you remember your first date? What was it like?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Do you know something I hate?

Well, besides using the word hate? I won't let my kids use it. It's a bad four letter word they aren't allowed to use. But being a grownup and all, I have automatic permission to use four letter words when the time calls for one. Two nights ago, the time was ripe for a four letter word. I probably said a few of them, but the only one I can remember is "HATE". I was trying to use the weed eater. I HATE my weed eater - weed whacker, whatever you call it. I'll just call it the hateful machine. And you know what? I think it secretly hates me too. I've told it many times that I HATE it. I've called it many names (some may have been accompanied by another four letter word that I won't repeat) but it just sits there silent. It's hateful. I know it's thinking the same thing about me. We have that kind of relationship - a "I hate you and you hate me" kind of relationship. If it didn't hate me too, it wouldn't be so stubborn. If it didn't hate me, it would start when I turned it on, put the choke on and pulled the cord. If it didn't hate me too, it would not die as soon as I turned the choke off. If it didn't hate me too, it would not run out of string and cause me to have to turn it off, rethread it and start all over with the agony of starting it again battle. If it didn't hate me too, it wouldn't make my shoulders and arm ache for days after using it or my hand tremble for the next week after using it. But, it hates me, so it does all those things.

It doesn't act like that for dh. I think it's because it's a YardMan and he's a man. I think it's the fact that I'm a woman and it's a stupid machine, we just can't get along, no matter what. Maybe if it were a YardWOMAN, we'd have a better relationship, but alas, I have never seen a YardWOMAN brand. Maybe it's because they are all made by men. And that explains a lot, doesn't it?

It's going to be a long summer, the Hateful YardMAN and I will have to endure together. My poor shoulders and arms may never be so grateful to see frost in the fall. Maybe we'll have an early frost so the YardMAN can be retired early (the hateful thing). And maybe I won't lose my religion too much or find too many four letter words slipping from my lips as I work. I'm not much of a potty mouth any other time, but put me in front of that hateful little machine with its gooseneck and pullstring and the worst just automatically comes out of me.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rip Roarin'

D is a silly kiddo. He has wanted a Nintendo DS for quite some time now. Before that it was a digital camera. He was saving his money for the camera, but then spent it somehow or other on something. Then he started saving again with the DS in mind. Then Billy was helping him learn guitar and Billy's electric guitar was so much cooler than the acoustic one Granny gave him a few years ago. So, the bulging bills in his wallet went toward the purchase of his first electric guitar. I was actually proud of him for that move - it was something other than a video game. :) Then regret hit and the lust for a DS came back, (isn't that always how it goes?) so he starts saving again. While R spends every dollar he earns from working and doing chores or happy mail monies from grandparents and buy Legos. Have I mentioned how their room looks more like Legoland than an actual room? Anyway, D would always save his, planning for the DS.

Fast forward that to drooling over RipStiks in Target.

Actually, you don't have to fast forward because he's been drooling over RipStiks as long as he's been drooling over the Nintendo DS.

Ok, now you can fast forward to this week when he actually got to try out a Ripstik at a birthday party and there was no turning back from that point. His mind was made up, he was buying a Ripstik the next time we were near one. And so, we came home from town last night with a Ripstik. A pretty RED one. :)

And this is how he spent much of the afternoon after schoolwork was finished.

First pic is SOOC because I got lazy and tired of pping them. Sorry... it's not a bad photo though for being SOOC.

We have "issues" with the helmet. As long
as I'm around and insisting, it is usually on. But otherwise, he conveniently "forgets" about it. It's really amazing how easy it is to forget when you know you've heard that nagging motherly voice say, "Get your helmet and PUT IT ON!" nine zillion times. :rolleyes:

And though he did actually convince me to try the regular skateboard much to my complete shock that it really isn't as easy as it looks to ride something like that for less than a foot without totally freaking out and jumping off... he will NEVER convince me to try my hand/feet at this thing. I'm too old and fragile.

And now, he's telling everyone his wallet has ZERO dollars in it. I wonder if when he starts saving again for the DS just what he'll really buy next time.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mothers out there whether you are a mother of a two legged creature such as myself or a pet mom - enjoy your day!

So far today, we've done church this morning followed by an ever glorious lunch at Taco Bell. Sounds so fine and fancy for a Mother's Day lunch, huh? Hey, it wasn't crowded and it was economical on the boys' budgets. ;) I came home wanting a nap, but they wanted to go outside and play, so I didn't get much of a nap. I just don't like the idea of them outside alone with me zoned out in the house. Not that I get to zone out that much, but sometimes it happens. Today wasn't one of those days though I think I did get thirty minutes - you know, just enough to make you grumpy. I finally gave in and joined them outside where I got my hands in some dirt to set out a few plants I'd bought yesterday. Money spent on manicures would be just wasted on me. I like playing in the dirt too much. ;)

Anyway, back to the whole Mother's Day thing. I got a sweet, sweet email from dh today wishing me happiness for the day. I am truly blessed to be where I am right now. And to go with that, I'll share a layout that I completed last night. It rather sums that whole thinking up just right. The picture is good and bad - good being that it's of the three loves of my life - bad being harsh flourescent airport lights while trying to take a happy photo in a sad moment. Anyway, I treasure it nevertheless. :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

A red phone booth

My new favorite past time online is cruising photo galleries and looking at the different ways different photographers capture life. Last night, I found a gallery and was awed when I came across a photo with a red phone booth in the background. My immediate thought was, "I want to take photos with a red phone booth in the background. But where?" Then, as soon as the thought left my mind, I remembered WE have a red phone booth here in town!

So, today after schoolwork, after mowing the yard and after a long hot shower, I convinced the boys - well, bribed the boys with milkshakes afterward - to go on a photo adventure with me and be my models. With the promise of ice cream afterward, they were willing subjects.

Here are some of the results of our outting.
First, Brotherly love don't come easy.

Ok, fine, love you too, but don't tell anyone.

Now, Reed checking out the phone booth.

And then, Mr. Tough Guy.
Me: Put your arms down, you look defensive.
Him: No, I don't. I like them this way. It looks stupid if I hang them down at my side.
Me: Whatever, Mr. Tough Guy

You don't look so tough when you smile that "pretty" (yeah, called a boy pretty) smile.

You're actually rather charming. Ok, fine, you can leave your arms crossed.

Him: Do you have fifty cents?
Me: Why?
Him: Because I want to actually call someone.
Me: Fifty cents for a phone call? Didn't phone booths used to cost a dime? Who are you going to call?
Him: Home.
Me: We're not there.
Him: I just want to hear myself on the answering machine. (In the words of my mil, he sounds like Dennis the Menace on our answering machine. He says, "Hello" then pauses. And just when whoever the gullible party is on the other end gets a minute to start talking to him, he starts laughing and says, "Oh, you thought this was me? It's really a message, leave US a message and we'll call you back." Oh, the heck we've caught for that. But, my goodness, it is funny (to us)
Me: Not for fifty cents. LOL Just pretend you're on the phone.

And finally, what's a photo adventure with two little boys without a little hamming around. Tell me you can't look at these and NOT come away singing "Ain't no party like a Chipmunk Party..." (Ok, well, maybe if you'd seen the movie and all, you'd be singing it. Or maybe if you BOUGHT the movie that came with the extra CD and had to listen to it a bazillion times like I have, you'd come away singing that song.)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Whose dog is this anyway?

I was backing up some older photos today when I ran across these taken in December.

When we first got Sam, I thought one dog was enough. Then mil came for a visit a year later with a basket in the car. She told me to go out and see what was in the basket. I was remembering some conversations I'd overheard between her and DH in recent months about him wanting a smaller chihuahua, so I said, "Well, it had better not be a dog." I ate those words as soon as I saw what was in the basket. Yep, a dog though it was a cute little blonde chihuahua puppy that would fit into the palm of your hand all the while stealing your heart. Well, DH's heart at least! Happy birthday to DH and one more responsiblity for me (potty training our fourth "child" - as if two boys and one dog weren't enough.) So, that left Devon with Sam and DH with Barney, the new love of his life.

Fast forward a few years and we move from our happy place in the south to the middle of America. At that point, Barney pretty much abandoned DH and took to sleeping in Reed's bed with him. DH wasn't and still isn't thrilled with that whole idea because as he said he'd lost his dog. But hey, whatever kept our four/five year old from climbing out of his bed in the middle of the night and into ours was a solution I could handle. If he felt safe with a little yappy in bed with him, then leave well enough alone.

Still, DH couldn't leave well enough alone. He'd whine to Reed about stealing his dog and then that would begin a good natured argument over whose dog he really is.

Someone had once told us that chihuahuas are one person dogs. I don't think that person knew what they were talking about as that hasn't been the case with our dogs. Yeah, they do seem to love the boys more than either of the two adults in this household. But, when the boys are being boys and traumatizing the dogs with Nerf guns or remote controlled cars, the dogs always seek me out to find comfort, protection and solace. Funny how they don't want me any other time except for then and dinner time. *rolleyes* Well, and when I'm sitting comfortably in the recliner snuggled under a blanket, they tend to want to be my best friend then too.

The fact is, this dog, this Barney doesn't really belong to any ONE person in our family. He's just everyone's though no one will admit it. Everyone claims him as their own.

I do tend to think that Reed has the advantage though. There's favoritism in there somewhere and I haven't figured out how to beat it out of the equation.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Fives

Hmm, let's see. What earth shattering, mind boggling things can I tell you about today? Let me think. *thinking* *thinking* *thinking*

Ok, well, I don't have any earth shattering OR mind boggling things to report about this Friday. So, you're going to have to settle for five random things again today. :)

#1 Lesson learned today: I really should learn to check the temperature outside before I get up and start opening all the windows in the house. It's been so nice here the past few days, I've had all windows open and have been letting the house breathe a little better. This morning I got up and did that exact thing (habit, routine, ritual) Well, ten minutes later, I went back around and closed them all. Wowsa, it's amazing how much difference ten degrees can make! The wind is just too cold today for airing anything out. ;)

#2 Power walks The boys and I have been walking this week in the evenings. We've made it about five times recently with the exception of Wednesday when we were at church. It's been good for us all. Well, they don't walk, they ride their bikes. My POWERwalking comes from walking fast enough to keep up with them. Sometimes my thighs and calves curse me, but thankfully, the boys are good about turning around and coming back to let me catch up. :)

#3 Weight Watchers I said I was going to sign in this week and keep track of my points. I said I was going to do better this week. What do they say about good intentions? Well, whatever it is, it fits me because I never signed in after Monday morning. And I have not been the best healthy eater this week. I haven't been bad, but I could have been better. Does the power walking even that out a bit and make it all good?

#4 Pioneer Woman said today
I’m in denial, though, and I love avoiding things—especially important, earth-shattering decisions—in my life
Gosh, I think she was actually describing me instead of herself! I love to avoid things. I'm really good at avoiding things, especially earth-shattering decisions in my life. *guilty* Anyway, I was in touch with that comment when I read it. Just thought you needed to know. :) By the way, I *heart* Pioneer Woman. Whoever turned me on to her site, thanks! I'm spreading the love by telling everyone else they have to read there! LOL

#5 Steak night: I haven't had a steak in a few months, not since R&R. DH is the steak eater. I made the boys baked potatoes for lunch one day and they asked where the steak to go with it was. *knuckleheads* Anyway, tonight, we're having baked potatoes WITH steaks. They are thrilled. We'll think of dh and eat a few bites for him during the course of the meal. :)