Thursday, April 10, 2008

Your Amazon Order has been Shipped!

Ah, it's so much fun to open up my email and see a message with that subject line all bold and unread sitting there in my inbox. It makes the whole shopping online experience "REAL!" It brings it to life (as does the charge I will see on my credit card statement, but that's another story for another time lol). That one message sets into motion the wait... yeah sure, I shopped and I know I ordered it and I know it will be coming but that new message alert that says, "HEY! We really did get your order and your order will be AT YOUR HOUSE in a few days" (not in those exact words) just makes it real. The feeling of bliss/excitement/whatever I have when I read that email must be a smidgen of what it feels like to win the lottery. Ok, well, not really, but I do get really excited when I know for sure one of my online orders has been shipped. That message also sets into motion the whole other, "Gosh, when will it get here, will I be here when it arrives? Do I need to clear my schedule for the next week so I can wait for the Big Brown truck or the blue clad man walking down the sidewalk carrying his mail carrier bag or will it be the FedEx man? Gosh, it's too much to think about... who will bring it and when will it get here?" And then, I actually open the email and there's that link to your Amazon account. And when I click that link, I see that lovely gold button - that Track Your Package button. Clicking on that button makes emotions ease a bit. Ah, I'll be able to know just when it's coming and where it is. Ah, this is good. Ah, anxiety is lessened, I won't have to stalk every person or truck that drives by my house. Ahhh,the world will be a better place because of that little "Track Your Package" button. We won't even discuss the possibility that if I click on that lovely gold button, I might get a message that says, "Carrier notified to pick up package." Nope, we'll just pretend that it was picked up, it is on its way to me and it may even get here tomorrow! Yeah... life in my happy world is much better with that kind of thinking. Worrying about where that carrier is and why he hasn't already picked up my package is not relevant, nope, it's not because I got the message that my package had been shipped. I can't let that euphoria feeling be deflated by the possibility of the carrier not even picking it up until tomorrow. No, surely he's as excited about my order and package as I am! Surely he went right away and got it! Yep, that's it. And it'll be at my house asap! And the next time I click that little gold button, I'll get a message that tells me just that. And life will be good again. I just know it. ;)

Now, you've probably read all that and are wondering well, what's going to be in the package when it actually gets to you? Admit it, you know you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me to tell ya.

Ok, I bought something for my boat... erum, camera. (I've sworn lately that it's a boat with as much money as I've been wanting to spend on accessories to go with it. *guilty*

Anyway, relax on your seat, I bought this:

And because I'll need a guide in how to actually work the contraption, I bought this:

And now, I wait... while checking the gold Track Your Order button and yeah, while looking out the window everytime I hear a louder than usual truck come by the house. ;)

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  1. Here I'm still trying to buy my tripod and you've moved on to fancy flash units! lol

    Gotta love Amazon!


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