Friday, April 11, 2008


I took these a few weeks ago. They were one of those things that I thought about when my blog was on hiatus that I could have posted. So, they've just been sitting on the computer, waiting to be shown. Though hyacinths have always been a favorite of mine, I've never seen to plant them in my beds. Luckily, these bulbs were here when we moved into this house and first showed themselves to me last spring.

It's funny because during the time when these were blooming, ds was learning in science about poisonous plants. FYI: Hyacinths are poisonous. We learned that interesting fact and vowed that we'd just look at them and not try to eat them or anything like that. (Not that we'd planned to do otherwise anyway. ;) ) It really was funny when they discovered these in the front flowerbed after reading it the information in the book. Boys are silly creatures sometimes. :D


  1. Those are pretty! I've never had much luck growing hyacinths, in beds or in pots. After several attempts I gave up. Now grape hyacinths - that's a different story! I'm overrun with those! lol


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