Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Fives

Whew, it's been a crazy week with my folks in town visiting. They've kept me busy and I need a vacation to recover! Maybe just being my lazy self again today will get me back to par. ;)

So, on that note, I'm just going to pick five random things and share them with you today. Aren't you glad?

#1 - Gardening. My dad helped me till my little veggie garden while he was here and he insisted on getting me some tomato plants and setting them out. I have six plants. WHAT THE HECK am I going to do with that many tomatoes? I hope my neighbors like tomatoes is all I can say. lol Anyway, it's all good. I have blooms on the surviving strawberry plant from last year and I set out two more plants so maybe we'll get strawberries this year. (We had none last year. :( )

#2 - Flowerbeds. My mom helped me in the flowerbeds around the house this week. She helped me set out some plants that mil had sent from her yard, hostas mostly and a few other surprises here and there. Oh and there's the banana tree. I asked mil on the phone the other day where I should put it. She said someplace moist with good drainage. I reminded her that I'm in Kansas and there is no place moist in the middle of the summer with 105 degree temps, only in the spring with all this rain. Maybe I should put it in the basement. LOL (kidding) After it rained one day, we got the rest of my mulch out over the bed. Fun stuff. I really hope our efforts weren't in vain and that these border beds will look more attractive this summer. They were rather boring last year. And of course, the one bed is west facing so it's HOT in 105 degree temps. If anything survives, it'll be a miracle.

#3 - Fishin'. Yeah, it's better without the g. My dad had wanted to take the boys fishin' while he was here. So, we did on Monday. Man, it felt great to pretend I was a country girl again out in the middle of that pasture on the side of that pond. I can understand why people enjoy fishin'. Well, there's just something about being out there doing nothing but watching a bobber on the water to see if it dips and you catch something. Solitude... peace and quiet... back to nature... worry free - all except when your youngest decides he would rather play in the edge of the water and catch frogs than really hold his fishin pole and watch the bobber. I didn't really care about catching anything because if I did, I'd have had to proven what a pansy I really am by handing the reel off to someone else and asking them to remove the fish and put new bait on my hook. Actually, that's just what I did the one time my bobber sunk. I was actually holding Reed's fishin' pole, so I made him help me reel it in and told him to take HIS fish to Papaw and get fresh bait. Allowing it to be HIS made me less of a pansy and more of a caring mother, don't you think? Nod your head and agree.

#4 - Homeschooling. I wonder if we'll ever be finished this year. We've taken so many breaks, but I suppose that is the joy of homeschooling. You can take whatever breaks you want when relatives come to town or when you have to travel to visit relatives. Someday we'll be finished. And maybe we'll have a summer break so we can travel a little.

#5 - Rockstar. Egads, that song is stuck in my head after it came up first in the shuffle on the blog page. I think it's too early in the morning for Rockstar. Maybe in my dreamhouse plans, I should plan for a bathroom big enough to play baseball in. Ya think? LOL

Have a great day and a fantastic weekend! Get out and enjoy spring if you can!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful, fun-filled week! I am not into fishin' being a pansy ;)

    We planted a garden. I am hoping it will grow. If it does, we are gonna need some people to take on some of our produce too! LOL

    I love your pretty new look!

    (The letters are getting harder to read, it wasn't your tiredness. This is my fourth try!)


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