Monday, April 21, 2008

A day among the rings and the crowds

We got free tickets to the circus today so that's how we spent the afternoon. Since we got in for free, I didn't mind getting ripped off by the concessions and five bucks a pop rides. The boys wanted to ride the elephant so here's proof that they did. I didn't take my camera... the bag is too bulky and I just didn't want to lug it around today. So, these are from my friend's camera. ;)

They had a lot of fun! I had a few heart failures with some of those stunts. I'm not sure if the near falls were for real or part of the act to keep the circus more entertaining. That lady that got in the middle of the metal cage with the three dirt bikes - well, she was nuts. *shakeshead* Devon informed me later that he and B (friend) had decided she was the "hottest one out there" I asked him what that meant and he didn't say. I hope he doesn't really know. LOL Oh dear Lord, I'm not ready for teenage years...... I have two and a half to wait, but this preteen bit may damage me in the meantime. LOL

Back to the circus. I didn't like the tigers' act or the horse parade. I feel so sorry for those animals working out of fear. That's another post for another time though.

All in all, the afternoon was fun!


  1. It's sounds like you had a good time.

    I've never been to a circus. I used to want to go because it seemed like something I should experience, but now I'm not that interested. lol

  2. That looks like so much fun!

    And they grow up too fast don't they!?!

  3. I loved the circus til I was about 8, when a clown scared me to death! LOL ;)


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