Saturday, April 26, 2008


It was drizzling rain this afternoon when we headed out of the house for a few errands. But I grabbed my camera just because thinking I might find something on a drive through town that might be picture worthy. I wasn't expecting much. But then I spotted this little guy in the road ahead. I'm naming him Dasher. You'll see why. ;) Sorry for the black on the side... that's part of my car. I wasn't getting too far out the window with the camera and the wet. ;)

I think Dasher was sitting there ignoring me hoping I wouldn't notice him while I was busy clicking photos of abandoned farm equipment and wagons. But, there he is all poised and pretending not to really be there.

Then Dasher sees that I see him. Or maybe he heard the first click of the camera pointed in his direction. And he's outta here.

See why I named him Dasher?
Now, where'd he go? Oh, there he is. Poised and pretending not to be there now.

Click, click, click.... what's that sound?

Oh, dear, darned human paparazzi, a guy can't eat dandelions in peace for them and their cameras! I'm definitely outta here this time!

And with that, he ducked under a building so I couldn't see him anymore.

And that was THE END. :)


  1. Those ARE cool! I love the picture story :) Very cute :)

  2. Great pictures! I love rabbits, but we've only ever seen two around here. A very tiny field rabbit, and the neighbors rabbit that ended up in our barn a couple of years ago.


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