Monday, May 11, 2015

Prom Date

Wow! As I sit here looking at these photos, swarms of memories flood my mind. I can't believe that my firstborn is old enough to be taking part in all of these milestones. Major milestones. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was marking in his baby book noting his first tooth and first steps?

A friend of his from church is a senior this year, so one of her major milestones was Senior Prom. She invited him to go with her.

He is such a card. I watch him and think back to our days in high school. G-Dub and I were both shy and reserved. He's the exact opposite. He's got a lot of personality and isn't afraid to show it!
Don't tell anyone, but he also really loves his momma. ;) We snapped a few photos of him alone at home before driving over to meet Bailey and her mom with a photographer friend. As we were pulling out of the driveway, he said, "We should have gotten a photo together!" So, we stopped the car, hopped out and he snapped this selfie.
Among the casual snapshots were some serious ones - a traditional pose.
They also had a few "model poses" as Dev called them. I'm not sure I see a modeling career in either of their futures.
Bailey's dad drives a Corvette that he was nice enough to loan out for the occasion.
No photoshoot is complete without a few more selfies these days.
They had a fun night! I'm happy that he has such great friends to share these experiences with during the high school years.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Master Bathroom Photos - finally!

Oh friends, it has been a while since any new posts have shown up on the blog. I apologize! It's been even longer since I officially started the master bathroom makeover. You may remember the posts of before photos *here - Before Photos* and then a little tease of the elements of the room *here - Makeover Progress *

I kept wanting new shelving for above the toilet, but could never get my mind around just how to do it. I settled for the metal shelf I already had for now. We finally bought new faucets for the sink though we will have to come to an agreement on the tub faucet. Someday, I'd like to tear out the fiberglass shower unit and tile it all in. That'll have to wait. For now, I'm really pleased with the changes. I know it has been over a year, so it's not new to me, but take a look at the photos and see what you think.

The top color paint is Coastal Jetty from Lowe's. We used Oil Rubbed Bronze accents.
I'm in love with the new faucets! *swoon*
I also love the bamboo blinds and over the window. They let in just enough light, but yet have full coverage for privacy. I hung my painting of my Korean bridge over the tub so I could have something pretty to look at while soaking in the tub.
The new door hardware is so much better than the plastic white pieces from the previous owner.
A fun touch I just added last week is this wax warmer which also serves as a night light.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Day - Junior Year and Seventh Grade

Goodness, someone is getting old... I told G-Dub this morning that HE was getting old since he had a junior in high school and his baby is a seventh grader. That whole getting older thing doesn't count for their mother. ;)